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Invisible Clear Removable Braces

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Invisible Clear Braces are a discrete way to straighten a patients’ teeth, helping to give you a more confident smile. Invisible Braces (or aligners as they are called) are virtually invisible, easily removable and also more comfortable compared to metal fixed braces. The braces are also hygienic, cause no irritation to the mouth or gums and have minimum impact on a patient’s lifestyle. They also won’t affect your speech, there’s no need to change what you eat, and most importantly – most people won’t be able to even tell that you are even wearing them.

Lately, Invisible Clear Braces have become a very popular treatment option – they have been used to straighten teeth for millions of people around the world. The cost of invisible braces is very similar to that of fixed braces; however that’s where the similarity between the two ends. Invisible braces are removable and also virtually invisible; patients can live their lives and care for their teeth over the course of the treatment the same way they always have. The advantages of invisible braces are vast.

The cost of invisible braces for adults typically falls between £1,500 and £5000. The exact cost of the invisible braces treatment is determined typically by the complexity of your case, how long the treatment is required for and what clinic the treatment is undertaken.

At Whites Dental, our invisible brace treatments start from £1,500; you can book a complementary face-to-face chat with our dentists by simply dropping us an email or giving us a call. Our Invisalign Consultations are completely free.

Consultation FREE
i7 treatment – up to 7 sets of aligners from £1,500
Lite treatment – 8 – 14 sets of aligners from £2,155
Full treatment – 15 to 30 sets of aligners from £3,795
Full treatment – complex from £4,200
Fast Braces from £2,000

Exceptional Dental Care


At Whites Dental, we try very hard to provide every patient with exceptional dental care and customer service. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to exceed the expectation of every single patient.

Our dentists, Dr. Magda and Dr. Xenia are very experienced dentists, with over 20 years of dental experience between the two of them. They go to great lengths to leave you with a happy smile at the end of your treatment with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Would it not be so very nice if everything unsightly in our lives could be made completely invisible? Well, to get teeth straightening at our clinics  (either Waterloo or London Bridge) can ensure one thing will be made less noticeable. As we mention below, invisible braces are a convenient and transparent alternative to traditional fixed braces.

What are Invisible Clear Braces?

Invisible clear braces, are removable, transparent teeth aligners, similar to retainers that many patients are familiar with. When using invisible braces, the treatment will provide you a new aligner every two weeks – the new aligner is shaped slightly differently, enabling your teeth to gradually shift using these aligners.

Three well-known companies provide invisible braces – these are Invisalign, Smile Direct and ClearCorrect.

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Invisible vs. Metal Braces?

We have all heard the term “metal mouth”. This is when someone has a mouth full of metal or traditional braces. One of the main reasons to choose invisible braces is to avoid the unsightly option of using metal braces. In addition, with invisible braces it is much easier to eat, drink and clean your teeth because the clear braces can be removed at those times. It is therefore easier to maintain good oral health during the teeth straightening process.

It’s important to note that invisible braces are clear removable aligners; they are not clear braces, which are essentially traditional braces but with transparent brackets.

How do invisible braces work?

As part of the treatment, a patient gets a series of aligners every two weeks that gradually shift the alignment of the patient’s teeth. You are required to wear the aligners at all times unless you are eating or drinking (not less than 22 hours a day). The entire process usually takes between 9 to 12 months to complete.

Invisible braces aren’t typically meant to correct extreme cases, however perform better with moderate to mild cases. Mild to moderate cases of uneven, crooked or gapped teeth, under-bites and over-bites can be addressed; however in situations involving cross-bites, malocclusions, or sometimes just severe mis-alignment issues, invisible aligners may not work as well.

Invisible clear braces enable you to take better care of your teeth and have less chance of staining than traditional metal braces over the course of the treatment. Many patients tend to prefer the use of invisible braces where they are suitable to use.

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Invisalign Clear Braces  

Invisalign invisible braces straighten your teeth in an effective and discreet way; they enable you to wear them and still carry on your life a normal. Most people won’t be able to even tell you are wearing them. The braces or aligners as they are also called move the teeth to their final position in stages – the first set of aligners move them ever so slightly, till the next set in the series moves them further till all the teeth have moved to their final positions. The aligners need to be changed every 1-2 weeks and have to be worn for at least 22 hours a day.

They should be removed for eating, drinking and brushing. Invisalign teen braces can be used to fix a vast range of tooth alignment issues such as overcrowding, overbites, under bites and deep bites. Treatment duration can range from 3 months to 18 months. Invisalign aligners are also very popular with adult patients who want to have a discreet, yet effective way to straighten their teeth. The biggest benefit of Invisalign aligners is that they enable you to carry on living your life as normal. People won’t be able to tell you are wearing them – you therefore don’t need to feel embarrassed about wearing unsightly metal braces. As the aligners are completely removable and need to be taken off before eating, you can continue to eat your favourite food as normal as well. Invisalign braces therefore provide you the flexibility to carry on your lifestyle with minimal impact.


Lingual Invisible Braces (Incognito Braces)

Fixed orthodontic braces have come a long way in the last decade. Advances in modern orthodontic technology have made many new innovative braces systems available to patients. Lingual braces are one such innovative orthodontic fixed brace system that straightens your teeth discreetly.

Lingual braces (or Incognito braces) are similar to traditional fixed metal braces in that they also use metal brackets and orthodontic wire to straighten your teeth.However, unlike traditional braces that are fixed to the outside surface of a patient’s teeth, lingual braces attach brackets to the inside of the teeth. The entire orthodontic hardware is thus completely hidden from view.Lingual braces are increasingly popular with our adult patients, especially those who have public or client facing roles where having discreet braces is a major advantage. Many lingual brace patients tell us that they completed their entire orthodontic treatment without anyone finding out they had braces on. Although lingual braces have discretion as their biggest advantage, they tend to be more expensive than traditional braces due to the additional time required to apply and maintain them. They can also affect a patient speaks during the initial stages when the mouth is still getting used to them. However, despite the additional cost, lingual braces are becoming increasingly popular with our adult patients.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a relatively new orthodontic system for straightening your teeth. Its innovative orthodontic technology provides for quick and impressive teeth straightening results. The system uses fixed brace to straighten visible teeth producing superb results in a shorter duration of time. They are perfect if you need to quickly straighten your teeth for a special occasion like a wedding that’s coming up soon.The Six Month Smiles system was originally developed in the United States and has been exploding in popularity here in the UK lately. It uses small clear brackets and a tooth-coloured wire to move your teeth to their new position effectively and comfortably. They are typically less costly than other fixed braces, thus making them a brilliant all round brace solution.

If you’re interested in have invisible braces in London,call us on 0208 616 0590 today. You can get more information about invisible braces on our orthodontic homepage .

Whites Dental provides exceptional orthodontics treatments from their Waterloo and Marble Arch Clinics – these treatments include a braces consultation and opportunity to prepare for treatment. Additionally a choice between Ceramic Braces, Clear braces, Fastbraces, Metal Braces, personalised fixed braces and Invisalign treatments is possible, this alongside other cosmetic dental treatments.

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