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Facial Aesthetics

Let The Beauty Of Your Skin Reflect Your Inner Youth

Our purpose is to enhance your beauty whilst still maintaining a natural look. You will look more beautiful and more youthful, but not artificial or exaggerated. We provide bespoke treatments tailored around your needs using the latest products and techniques. We take time to carefully discuss all treatment options with you to understand your requirements, studying your current look before giving expert advice on specific treatments you could benefit from. Our treatment will help you look more youthful and beautiful, taking into consideration your busy life-style – delivering results quickly and without impacting your daily routine.

Facial Aesthetics in Waterloo SE1 | Ethically Priced | Whites Dental
Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Facial Aesthetics in Waterloo SE1 | Ethically Priced | Whites Dental
Dermal Fillers
Facial Aesthetics in Waterloo SE1 | Ethically Priced | Whites Dental
Lip Enhancement
Facial Aesthetics in Waterloo SE1 | Ethically Priced | Whites Dental
Cheek Fillers


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Anti-Wrinkle Injections - 1 Area £200
Anti-Wrinkle Injections - 2 Areas £250
Anti-Wrinkle Injections - 3 Areas £300
Dermal Fillers
from £300
Neck Lift or Nefertiti Lift
Glycolic Peel
Lip Enhancement
from £200
Excessive Sweating Treatment
Jaw Slimming, Clenching & Grinding
Chin Dimples & Reshaping
from £150
Gummy Smile Reduction
Under Eye-hollows/Dark circles
from £350

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Dr Xenia and Dr Sarmite are experienced Facial Aesthetic practitioners with over 20 years of facial aesthetics experience between them.


Soften wrinkles with muscles relaxing anti-wrinkle injections

If you concerned about lines between your eyebrows, forehead and eyes, they can be softened with anti-wrinkle injections. It is injected into the muscle to stop contraction and reduce or soften the wrinkles usually between eyebrows, forehead and eyes (crow’s feet). The effect of the treatment is temporary and can last up to four months. However, it needs to be repeated twice or more during the year to keep the muscles at rest.
Price is: 1 area £200, 2 areas is £250, 3 areas is £300. We can also treat other areas such as excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis (£450), jaw slimming, clenching and grinding (£375), gummy smile (£150), neck lift or Nefertiti lift (£350) and chin dimples (£150).

Improve skin surface & texture

This procedure includes placing filler along the cheek bone and filling the ‘nose to mouth’ line to achieve a soft youthful look. The process of ageing is inevitable and causes volume loss of the skin and bone structure. Also sometimes quick and drastic weight loss can also cause the appearance of deep lines on the face. The solution is to place the right amount of a high-quality dermafiller to restore volume on the patient’s face and provide matrix support for underneath the muscles.
Price starts from £300.

Glycolic Peel
If you have skin concerns such as a dull look, blemishes, spots, pigmentations and fine lines than all these things can be improved by applying a glycolic peel. This is a gentle, quick and easy way to exfoliate your skin to get a flawless result with no downtime effect. Glycolic acid penetrates through a layer of skin to rejuvenate and regenerate cells which helps to improve fine lines, smooth out uneven skin tone and remove blemishes. The procedure time including consultation is 45 minutes. A course of three treatments is required one month apart to create a flawless finish and youthful rejuvenated skin.
Total price is £225.

If you are not yet ready for derma fillers but want to improve your skin’s quality, try mesotherapy. This is a non-surgical procedure consisting of superficial injections to deliver vitamins, antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients directly into your skin for natural rejuvenation. Mesotheraphy is becoming extremely popular because of the fantastic results it achieves. The course, consisting of three sessions is required, each session one month apart.
Total price is £550.

Add Volume & Contour

Replace volume in the face using filler Teosyal range. This procedure includes placing filler along the cheek bone, corner of the nose, nose to mouth line , along the jawline and chin to achieve a lift of the skin. The longevity of this treatment is up to 22 months.
The “dark circles“ or shallow space under the eyes are corrected by derma filler called Redensity ll. It gives a natural fresh look. The longevity is up to 18 months.
Price starts from £350.

Our Dental Practice in waterloo is adjacent to southwark tube station. We are located on Blackfriars Road a short walk from london waterloo london Bridge. Blackfriar Southbank and Elephant & Castle. Our dental practice in London Marble Arch W2 is adjacent to London Paddington, Maida Vale, Oxford Circus & the West End. We are a 5-10 minutes walk from London Paddington, Marble Arch, Bond Street and Edgware Road stations.

Whites Dental provides Facial Aesthetic services, Anti-Ageing & Anti-Wrinkle injections and Derma Fillers to patients in Waterloo SE1 and London Bridge. We are conveniently located in London Waterloo SE1, right next to Southwark Tube station. We are a short 5-10 mins walk from London BridgeBoroughSouthbank, Waterloo, Southbank and Elephant &Castle stations.
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