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Fixed Braces Cost In

At Whites Dental, fixed braces costs between £2,795 & £4,495 typically.

Fixed Braces Cost In London

At Whites Dental, fixed braces costs between £2,795 & £4,495 typically.
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Braces Cost In London
Braces from £2,795

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Which Orthodontic Braces Are Right For You?

Quick and discreet brace options available

Fixed Braces waterloo | Whites Dental

“Traditional dental braces that remain fixed to the front surface of your teeth. Made of either metal or ceramic material.”

orthodontist pricing photo and model of metal braces | Whites Dental

“Most common type of braces usually made of stainless steel. Very effective at straightening teeth. Cost effective treatment.”

Fixed Braces waterloo | Whites Dental

“Similar to metal braces, but the brackets are made of ceramic tooth coloured material. More discreet and more popular with adults. Also called clear braces.”

Fixed Braces waterloo | Whites Dental

“New orthodontic brace system. Employs newer technology, allowing for faster treatment and less strain to the teeth.”

Prefer Invisalign Braces ?

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign Braces London

“The virtually invisible invisalign braces system provides excellent results whilst hardly being noticeable. Completely removable

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Cost Of Braces In London

Save over £1,045. Spread the cost with 0% finance.

Braces Consultation FREE
Fixed Braces
from £1,795
Invisalign from £1,695
Metal Braces from £2,795
Ceramic Braces
from £2,995
Damon Braces
from £3,495

Metal Braces from £2,795

or from £27/month on finance
Includes –

  • FREE Orthodontic Consultation (worth £100)
  • Braces treatment
  • FREE 3D Scan & Simulation (worth £250)
  • FREE Whitening (worth £295)
  • FREE Removable Retainer (worth £260)
  • FREE Teeth Contouring (worth £140)

Ceramic Braces from £2,995

or from £33/month on finance
Includes –

  • FREE Orthodontic Consultation (worth £100)
  • Braces treatment
  • FREE 3D Scan & Simulation (worth £250)
  • FREE Whitening (worth £295)
  • FREE Removable Retainer (worth £260)
  • FREE Teeth Contouring (worth £140)

Invisalign Braces from £1,695

or from £33/month on finance
Includes –

  • FREE Orthodontic Consultation (worth £100)
  • Invisalign aligners
  • FREE 3D Scan & Simulation (worth £250)
  • FREE Whitening (worth £295)
  • FREE Removable Retainer (worth £260)
  • FREE Teeth Contouring (worth £140)

The package prices include aligners, teeth whitening & teeth contouring to transform your smile and removable retainers to maintain your smile.

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Spread The Cost For Fixed Braces In London

Flexible finance options for Fixed Braces available
£3,995 as an example

Pay As You Go
£395 – Scan & Planning
£950 – Order braces / brackets
Balance paid in instalments over the duration of the treatment

12 Months Payment Plan (0% finance)
£395 – Scan & Planning
Then £300/month over 12 months

24 Months Payment Plan (9.9% APR) (Most Popular)
£395 – Scan & Planning
Then £163.9/month over 24 months

 36 Months Payment Plan (9.9% APR)
£395 – Scan & Planning
Then £114.4/month over 36 months

48 Months Payment Plan (9.9% APR)
£395 – Scan & Planning
Then £89.7/month over 48 months

60 Months Payment Plan (9.9% APR)
£395 – Scan & Planning (non-refundable)
Then £74.9/month over 60 months

Fixed Braces Finance

Interest free (0%) finance for Braces

At Whites Dental, we provide our patients the option to pay for their treatment via a zero percent finance option. Payments are typically spread over 3-12 months. Your entire treatment could be covered by our 0% finance option.


Apply at the Practice

We will send a link to your phone for the required amount.


Choose How to Pay

Choose how many months to pay the treatment amount over.


0% Finance

The credit application is really short, with a decision given in a few minutes.

At Whites Dental, we offer patients zero percent finance to pay for their fixed braces. Payments are usually for 6 – 12 months for our 0% finance plan. A small deposit is required upfront prior to taking up finance; the balance could be covered entirely by the 0% finance plan. Multi-year finance is also available for fixed braces treatment – this ranges from 2 to 5 years. Many patients prefer the multi-year plan as the monthly payment reduce significantly. Muti-year finance plans incur a 9.9% APR.

Finance applications for fixed braces are usually very quick – most applications take only a few minutes to complete and an approval obtained a few minutes after.

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Fixed Brace Prices In London

Receive cost for braces via email

Send us pictures of your teeth to receive cost for braces via email

Upload Your Photos

Upload pictures of your teeth and let us know what you want to change about your smile. Fixed braces cost is dependent on the amount of teeth movement required.

We will provide you cost for braces in London via email

Our Assessment

We will reply within a day with a likely cost for your braces treatment and also expected treatment duration. We will also provide you information on any braces offers we may have.

We will confirm the cost for your braces treatment during your consultation at our London clinic


Once you are happy to proceed, we will book you for a consultation with out dentist at our clinic in London, where we will scan your teeth and provide you a confirmed cost for your braces treatment.

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The Before & After of Treatments

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How Much Do Fixed Braces Cost In London?

Fixed Braces in London

Woman Braces Dentist showing a braces scan at our London clinic

Metal Braces –  Fixed metal orthodontic braces are the traditional braces we have all seen many  teenagers wear. They are the most common fixed braces available. They are made from stainless steel typically, but also from ceramic tooth colour material. Metal braces are known for providing very accurate teeth movement.

Fastbraces – Fastbraces are a relatively new teeth straightening system; the system enables a patient to reduce their treatment time dramatically and can straighten teeth in many cases in as little as 3 to 4 months’ time.

Six Month Smiles – Six Month Smiles is also a relatively new orthodontic system; it’s quite popular with adult patients. Its innovative orthodontic technology allows adult patients to straighten their teeth in typically just a few months’ time. The system uses clear tooth coloured braces, making the braces more discreet than traditional fixed metal braces.

photo of the teeth and results of wearing a braces system

Damon Braces – Damon braces is a new modern teeth straightening system for straightening your teeth. Damon uses newer dental technology, providing for quicker treatment time and less strain to a patients teeth. Its clear tooth-coloured braces make them more discreet to others as compared to fixed metal braces.

Lingual Braces – Lingual brace systems are discreet braces; they have the same components as traditional orthodontic fixed metal braces. However, the brackets for lingual braces are fitted to the inside or back side of the teeth, thus making them invisible to other people. This is the main advantage of lingual braces – that they are completely discreet as compared to traditional fixed metal braces. Given lingual braces are applied to the back surface of each tooth, correcting dental misalignment issues can be done in a virtually invisible manner with lingual braces. Adult patients often prefer their discreet nature as a result.

Fixed Braces Cost

Cost of Fixed Braces in London

Fixed braces are no longer as costly as they once were. With advances in dental technology over the last decade or so, treatment times have reduced and so have the costs. Fixed metal braces can be as low as £1,500. More advanced fixed braces, such as Damon braces or Incognito braces can be more expensive, sometimes costing up to £4,000 to £5,000 pounds. The cost of fixed braces largely depends on three factors. The first factor is the complexity of the case. If you have teeth that have significant misalignment issues, or if your teeth are very crooked or crowded, or even significantly twisted, the treatment time will be longer. Longer treatment times requires more sessions with the orthodontist, more adjustments to the brackets and wires, thus leading to higher cost of treatment as well as a result. The second factor that impacts the cost of fixed brace treatments is the type of fixed brace system the patient chooses to use. Some fixed brace systems cost significantly less than other fixed brace systems. For example, fixed metal braces tend to be less costly as compared to more advanced systems such as lingual braces and Damon braces that cost significantly more. Typically, the more discreet the system is, the higher the cost of the braces treatment, as more effort is required to conceal the braces. Ceramic coloured braces are typically more costly than stainless steel braces.

Metal braces cost London

Lingual braces are more expensive than traditional metal braces. The third factor driving the cost of fixed brace treatments is the orthodontist the patients choose to take up treatment with. Different orthodontists have different cost structures for fixed braces, depending on their treatment focus. Some orthodontists focus on a specific type of fixed brace system, and they can therefore offer discounts or lower costs for that fixed brace system to a patient. Other orthodontists focus on invisible braces and can therefore offer them at a significant discount typically. It’s therefore useful to ascertain what type of braces an orthodontist focuses on, in order to determine what practice might be best suited for your needs.

At Whites Dental, our leading orthodontic dentists are highly experienced and very knowledgeable with teeth straightening systems. They have post graduate training and qualifications to support their experience. Our fixed brace costs are also very competitive, with Fixed Metal braces starting at £1,795.

Please see below a list of our fixed brace costs. You can book a complementary consultation with one of our orthodontic dentists; they will be happy to discuss your fixed brace treatments needs with you and provide you a more accurate cost estimate.

Initial Considerations

Fixed braces cost London

As a patient, when you decide to give braces treatment the go-ahead, you will initially have to undergo an orthodontic consultation with a dentist, who will start with an initial assessment of your teeth and gums. The consultation typically includes initial photographs, x-rays and a conversation between you and the dentist on your teeth straightening goals and the various brace options available. The initial consultation can often cost anywhere between £90 and £160.However, Whites Dental offers a free invisalign consultation to both new and existing patient interested in adult braces or for those looking for a private orthodontist for children. As we mentioned before, the cost of the braces will depend on several factors. The most important factor is the complexity of your case. Case complexity determines the treatment duration – the longer the duration, the higher the cost of brace treatment.

The particulars of a specific case can increase the overall treatment duration and also cost of treatment. Complex cases, such as those where a patient needs corrective jaw surgery will involve higher costs as you would expect.

Some mouths are just more complicated (or straightforward) than others. The second factor that impacts the cost of brace treatment is the type of brace system that you choose to use to straighten your teeth. Whites Dental offers a range of orthodontic braces – these include traditional metal bracesInvisalign clear bracesceramic bracesDamon bracesceramic braces and lingual braces. Each of the options will have its own advantages and also its own price range.

Financing The Treatment

Fixed braces cost in London

At Whites Dental, we provide a range of dental financing options. You could either self-fund the entire treatment cost upfront. This typically benefits from an upfront payment discount. Alternatively, you could choose to pay for the treatment over the duration of the course. Most patients tend to prefer this payment option. In addition, to assist our patients take up the right brace treatment, we also offer a 0% finance option along with a low initial down payment. This helps make the treatment affordable for everyone. It’s worth noting, that some patients are also able to cover their orthodontic brace treatment through their insurance providers. If this is the case, we are able to work with your insurance provider to help you make the most of your dental insurance. At Whites Dental, our goal is to provide our patients outstanding value for a reasonable fee. Once our dentist has had a chance to assess you during the initial consultation, they will be able to provide you with a fixed quote for your specific teeth straightening needs.

Braces – The Payoff

As we alluded to before, you smile is one of your biggest assets. A straight, beautiful smile can do wonders to your self-confidence, particularly amongst children and teenagers, and that is a priceless quality to have. Crooked, crowded and uneven teeth are also hard to clean, making oral hygiene more difficult to maintain. A bad bite can sometimes cause abnormal wear and tear of the surfaces of the teeth, difficulty to chew or speak, and even excessive stress to the supporting bone structure. Some academic research also suggests a link between chronic oral problems and wider health problems such as malnutrition, diabetes and heart disease. Some of these are serious issues that can affect the quality of your life. Without undertaking the correct orthodontic treatment, oral problems can become worse and may require additional care later in life.Ultimately, orthodontic braces pay for themselves in no time at all by improving your self-confidence and oral health.

You can find more details about orthodontic braces and the associated costs on our orthodontic homepage –

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When are Braces available on the NHS?

The NHS prioritises functional health over purely cosmetic concerns when it comes to braces. This means they focus on the clinical impact of misaligned teeth, not necessarily how your teeth look.

Here’s a breakdown of what the NHS considers clinical need in relation to braces:

Included (Clinical Need):
Speech problems: If misaligned teeth significantly affect your ability to speak clearly, this can be considered a clinical need.
Dental hygiene: Severely crowded or overlapping teeth can make it difficult to clean them properly, leading to gum disease and tooth decay. This is a clinical reason for braces.
Jaw problems: Misaligned teeth can contribute to jaw pain, difficulty chewing, or bite problems. These are all valid clinical reasons for NHS-funded braces.
Not Included (Not Considered Clinical Need):
Self-esteem: While crooked teeth can impact self-esteem, the NHS generally doesn’t consider this a clinical reason for braces.
Mild misalignment: If your teeth are only slightly misaligned and don’t cause any functional problems, the NHS likely wouldn’t provide braces. If you would like to understand more about the types of teeth alignment problems, such as overbite, underbite and overcrowding alongside the most suitable braces options available to remedy the problem and types of issues they can cause, we will be able to discuss with you during your consultation and assessments.

The Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN):
The NHS uses a scoring system called IOTN to assess eligibility for braces. This system considers the severity of misalignment and its impact on dental health.
Grade 4 and 5: These grades represent severe misalignment with clear functional problems, qualifying you for NHS braces.
Grade 3: This is a borderline category. Your dentist will assess your individual situation to determine if NHS braces are necessary.
Grade 1 and 2: These grades indicate mild misalignment with no significant functional issues, so NHS braces wouldn’t be provided.
If you’re concerned about your teeth:

Arrange a consultation with Whites Dental, we can assess your situation, explain the IOTN system, and advise you on your options, including NHS or private treatment.
If you would like to know more about finding an NHS dentist – you are welcome to visit our article explaining the process and visit the external links that may help you to find, register and discover when they would be able to make a start with your treatment.

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