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Dental Braces for children.
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creating beautiful smiles. 2,200+ braces cases.

Children’s Braces.
Dedicated Braces Clinic.

Over 20 years experience
creating beautiful smiles. 2,200+ braces cases.
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When to start investigating problems

If you are looking for advice and guidance on the best private orthodontics for your child, you will no doubt also be wondering at what age you should start to investigate any potential problems. Initially, it would be wise to raise any issues or concerns with your child’s regular dentist and to ask for their opinion or to routinely monitor any progression or worsening, as well as any improvements. Ideally, you should wait until most or all permanent teeth have emerged (this is usually around 11-12 years old) for braces to be most effective. Earlier intervention with appliances may be recommended in some cases for specific issues. However, if you are an adult under the impression that it is too late to achieve teeth correction, you may be interested to know that much can be achieved with adult braces.

Treatment options:

  • Fixed braces: The most common and durable option, particularly for complex cases. Your child will have a choice of Metal braces, ceramic braces and Damon braces and also the personalisation of teeth braces.
  • Fastbraces: This system is different to traditional fixed braces and, especially in children can provide a much quicker treatment time, fastbraces are especially suitable for mild alignment issues.
  • Removable aligners – Invisalign: Gaining popularity, but require high compliance from the child for effective treatment. May not be suitable for complex misalignment.
Discover Invisalign Invisible Braces

Metal Braces from £2,795

or from £27/month on finance
Includes –

  • FREE Orthodontic Consultation (worth £100)
  • Braces treatment
  • FREE 3D Scan & Simulation (worth £250)
  • FREE Whitening (worth £295)
  • FREE Removable Retainer (worth £260)
  • FREE Teeth Contouring (worth £140)

Ceramic Braces from £2,995

or from £33/month on finance
Includes –

  • FREE Orthodontic Consultation (worth £100)
  • Braces treatment
  • FREE 3D Scan & Simulation (worth £250)
  • FREE Whitening (worth £295)
  • FREE Removable Retainer (worth £260)
  • FREE Teeth Contouring (worth £140)

Invisalign Braces from £1,695

or from £33/month on finance
Includes –

  • FREE Orthodontic Consultation (worth £100)
  • Invisalign aligners
  • FREE 3D Scan & Simulation (worth £250)
  • FREE Whitening (worth £295)
  • FREE Removable Retainer (worth £260)
  • FREE Teeth Contouring (worth £140)

The package prices include aligners, teeth whitening & teeth contouring to transform your smile and removable retainers to maintain your smile.

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Before & After Dental Braces

Braces for ‘gappy’ smile

Orthodontist in London Waterloo | Whites Dental


Orthodontist in London Waterloo | Whites Dental


“Gappy smile corrected with
orthodontic braces”

Braces for overlapping teeth

Orthodontist in London Waterloo | Whites Dental


Orthodontist in London Waterloo | Whites Dental


“Overlapping, twisted teeth corrected with dental braces & composite bonding.”

Braces for irregular teeth

Orthodontist in London Waterloo | Whites Dental


Orthodontist in London Waterloo | Whites Dental


“Twisted and irregular teeth corrected using braces & composite bonding.”

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General considerations for child teeth braces treatments

encompassing both private and NHS options:

Treatment considerations:

  • Treatment time: Varies depending on the severity of the case, typically ranging from 12-30 months.
  • Discomfort: Initial discomfort after placement and adjustments is normal. Over-the-counter pain relievers and orthodontic wax can help manage it.
  • Oral hygiene: Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial to prevent cavities and gum disease during treatment. Special brushes and flossers might be needed.
  • Dietary restrictions: Certain foods like hard candies, nuts, and chewy candy can damage braces. The orthodontist will provide specific dietary recommendations.
  • Social impact: Some children may feel self-conscious about braces. Open communication and positive reinforcement can help.

Additional considerations:

  • Cost: Private treatment is generally more expensive than NHS treatment.
  • Waiting lists: NHS waiting lists can be long.
  • Travel and appointments: Regular appointments are necessary throughout treatment. Consider the travel time and flexibility required for appointments.
  • Your child’s maturity: Braces require a certain level of responsibility for maintaining hygiene and avoiding damaging foods. Discuss expectations with your child beforehand.

It’s important to consult with an orthodontist, either NHS or private, to determine the best course of treatment for your child’s specific needs. They can provide a personalised treatment plan, address your concerns, and answer any questions you may have.

Woman Braces Dentist showing a braces scan at our London clinic
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To ensure you’re in safe hands when choosing a private orthodontist for your child:

Experience and qualifications:

  • Board certification: Is the orthodontist a board-certified orthodontist? This means they have completed additional training and exams beyond dental school.
  • Experience with children: How much experience does the orthodontist have treating children specifically?
  • Treatment philosophy: Ask about the orthodontist’s approach to treatment. Are they focused on achieving the best possible results or finding the most efficient solution?

Treatment options and approach:

  • Treatment plan: How will the orthodontist develop a treatment plan for your child? Will they involve you in the discussion?
  • Treatment options: What types of braces or aligners does the orthodontist offer? Discuss the pros and cons of each option for your child’s specific case.
  • Estimated treatment time and cost: Get a clear understanding of the expected treatment duration and total cost upfront.

At Whites Dental we provide the opportunity to attend a free consultation with your child either in clinic or via an online appointment.

Clinic environment and staff:

  • Facility: Is the clinic clean and modern? Does it appear welcoming and comfortable for children?
  • Staff: Are the staff friendly and patient with children?

Whites Dental pride themselves on offering a fun a friendly clinic – both to our adult and child patients – experienced in alleviating any fears and able to professionally explain any treatment procedures.

We also have a specialist childrens Orthodontist, with many years experience, specialising in providing suitable braces treatments for those aged between 12 and 18.

Additional considerations:

  • Schedule flexibility: Does the clinic offer appointment times that work well for your family’s schedule?
  • Payment options: Does the clinic offer financing or payment plans?
  • Insurance: Will the clinic accept your insurance or explain your out-of-pocket costs clearly?

Whites Dental are able to work with many insurance and payment plan providers, additionally for those of you looking to spread the finanical burden we can offer finance plans.


  • Ask your child’s dentist for a referral to a pediatric orthodontist.
  • Look for online reviews of orthodontists in your area.
  • Consider contacting past patients of the orthodontist to get their feedback.

Whites Dental are proud of their reputation – having run clinics in London for many many years, our Waterloo Clinic can not only boast some excellent reviews, but also some famous names amongst our happy clients. The Marble Arch clinic is a recent addition and already gathering 5 star reviews.

You may also be interested to learn of our Braces back to school offer, giving you £400 off a treatment for your child or teen during the months of August or September 2024.

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Considerations for getting braces for a child via the NHS in the UK

Eligibility: Age: Braces are typically only available for free under the NHS for children under 18 at the start of treatment. Need: Treatment is prioritised for cases with a clear clinical need, not just cosmetic reasons. A scoring system called the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) is used to assess this. Waiting lists: Due to high demand, there can be long waiting lists for NHS orthodontic treatment.

Treatment options: Choice: The NHS typically offers fixed metal braces as the standard option for children. Clear braces or removable aligners are usually only available privately. Flexibility: There’s less flexibility in choosing the type of braces or customising treatment compared to private options.

Costs: NHS treatment is free if your child qualifies. However, there may be small charges for some replacements or breakages.

Here are some resources for more information:

  • NHS orthodontics: [NHS orthodontics ON
  • Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN): While there isn’t a publicly available resource explaining the scoring system in detail, an NHS dentist can explain how it applies to your child’s case.
What is classed as clinical need?

In the UK NHS system, clinical need for braces refers to situations where straightening teeth isn’t just about cosmetic improvement, but addresses functional problems that can impact your child’s oral health and overall well-being. Here are some common examples of clinical need that would qualify a child for NHS braces:

  • Crowding: When there’s not enough space in the jaw for all the teeth to erupt properly, leading to overlapping, misalignment, and difficulty cleaning.
  • Spacing: Excessive gaps between teeth can affect speech, bite, and increase the risk of gum disease.
  • Deep bite: Upper teeth significantly overlap the lower teeth, potentially causing wear and tear on the lower teeth and jaw problems.
  • Open bite: Upper and lower teeth don’t meet properly when biting down, affecting chewing and speech.
  • Protruding teeth: Upper or lower front teeth that stick out significantly, increasing the risk of damage or injury.
  • Impacted teeth: Teeth trapped within the jawbone due to lack of space, potentially causing infection or damage to other teeth.
  • Severe bite problems: Misalignment that affects chewing, speech, or causes jaw pain.
  • Facial asymmetry: In some cases, jaw misalignment can contribute to facial asymmetry, which can be addressed with orthodontics.

If you would like to learn more about specific teeth alignment issues such as overbite, underbite and overcrowding of teeth we would urge you to arrange a consultation with our orthodontists, who can help inform you and with specific context to your own situation. Whites Dental provide a range of free consultations for both adult and childrens braces treatments. It is during this meeting that we can glean key informaiton and help prepare a successful treatment plan for you and/or your child.

It’s important to note that the specific criteria for NHS braces are determined by a scoring system called the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN). While the details of the scoring system aren’t publicly available, an NHS dentist can assess your child’s situation and explain their IOTN score and how it relates to their eligibility for treatment.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Even if your child’s case doesn’t meet the criteria for NHS braces, there might be some private treatment options available on a cost-sharing basis through the NHS.
  • An NHS dentist can discuss alternative dental treatments if braces aren’t the best option for your child’s specific needs.

Remember, consulting with an NHS dentist is the best way to understand your child’s eligibility for braces and discuss the most appropriate course of treatment.

Additional tips for making braces more appealing:
  • Let your child choose a fun case or holder for their braces supplies.
  • Reward your child for taking good care of their braces and keeping their appointments.
  • Find positive role models who wear braces. There are many celebrities and athletes who have worn braces, which can help your child feel less self-conscious.
  • Consult with Whites Dental – we can offer a range of braces customisation options to help create the perfect fashion accessory!
  • Focus on the end result! Remind your child that braces are temporary and will help them achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

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At Whites Dental, we try very hard to exceed the expectations of each and every patient, providing you with a amazing teeth straightening results and an exceptional dental experience. Our team of dentists offer experienced orthodontics treatments, initially starting with a free consultation to help guide you through the appropriate treatment options and advising on the process. Whether you are looking for affordable braces, personalised braces, invisible or simply the fastest treatment option we can help. Additionally, if you have complex or multi-faceted problems with your teeth or alignment – we have the expertise to help rectify these problems for you.

Braces TreatmentsTransforming SmilesGetting BracesTITLE
“I am a three months in with my teeth straitening (with braces) and the results are slowly starting to show! Much quicker than expected. I am so pleased with Dr. Elliot and his team, everyone’s so professional, experienced and friendly. Always happy to answer all the questions, explain all the procedures and treatment plans, giving few suitible options in different price ranges, which is very helpfull. Quick response and extremely good customers service! I would highly recommend this practice. “ – Raminta Četrauskaitė
Braces Treatments
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“Dr Elliott made me feel at ease from the beginning to the end of the appointment. I had bonding on my four front teeth and the transformation was remarkable. Dr Elliott has enabled me to smile with confidence once again. My treatment isn’t complete yet as I still need braces, but so far it’s been excellent. “ – MM C
Transforming Smiles
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“I am currently going through the braces treatment and so far so good! Everyone has been so lovely and welcoming! I actually look forward to my appointments lol. Prior to getting my braces, Dr Elliot took his time explaining everything to me, he made my mind feel at ease and encouraged me to ask questions. I’m soo soo happy that I decided to go ahead with Whites dental. Their Covid guidelines/procedures are also very top notch. “ – Stephanie Laniyan
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"Great service. the hygienist was lovely and very supportive (i am a big wimp) - talked me through whole procedure and gave good advice. thank you! will definitely be back"
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