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Invisalign For Gaps Between Teeth | £1,175 Off Invisalign Invisalign in London | Whites Dental

Invisalign For Teeth Gaps in London

For many of our patients in London, gaps between their teeth is one of their main complaints. Patients often mention this when we ask them how they feel about their teeth and smile. Teeth gaps can be closed in a few different ways. One of them is via braces. Braces help move teeth closer together to close the gaps between them. And Invisalign braces are our most popular braces option for most of our patients. Invisalign braces are now a well known alternative to regular braces to straighten teeth; they are also a good alternative for correcting mild to moderate teeth crowding and crookedness as well. In the hands of an experienced Invisalign dentist, Invisalign can be used to correct most teeth alignment issues. Therefore, when our patients ask us “Does or can Invisalign braces close gaps between their teeth?”  the answer is usually – yes they can.  Here are some facts about teeth with gaps.

What causes gaps to appear between your teeth?

The main reasons of teeth gaps are-

  1. The teeth are relatively small compared to the size of the jaw.
  2. The frenum is extended (frenum is the piece of tissue that connects the lip to the gums.
  3. Thumb sucking (chronic) – in childhood.
  4. Gum disease can also be a reason.

Diastema is the medical term for space or gap between the teeth. Some gaps can be quite bad, providing for poor aesthetics for the patients smile. The most common place where a gap forms or appears is between the incisors – or the front teeth. However, gaps can also appear in other areas of the arch or mouth. This often occurs when the patient’s teeth are small in size in relation to their jaw size.

Teeth gaps can also develop due to other reasons. In some cases, constant thumb sucking, especially during childhood can force the teeth to move apart. Some babies and children tongue thrust, which is when the child thrusts the tongue onto the teeth, forcing them outwards. This can cause a space or gap to appear between the teeth as well.

Gaps between the front teeth can also form due to the frenum. The frenum is a tissue that connects your upper lip to your gums. If the frenum is too big, it can sometimes extend down between the two teeth, creating a gap between the teeth. This condition is typically hereditary, including the relative size of the teeth and jaw.

Also, gum disease can lead to deterioration of the enamel of the teeth, which can lead to widening of any existing teeth gaps.

Should I worry about gaps between my teeth?   

Gaps between teeth may not sound like they are something serious or significant in nature. Some famous celebrities are well known for their teeth gaps. However, teeth gaps can pose problems from a dental health point of view. For example, teeth with gaps often have food caught or trapped within the gap more easily, increasing the risk of tooth decay and therefore cavities. In addition, gum tissue between the teeth gaps can remain exposed, also increasing the chances of gum disease. Having said that, if a patient looks after their oral health and maintains good dental hygiene, then teeth gaps don’t necessarily cause problems.  Large tooth gaps can sometimes also lead to speech problems such as a whistle or lisp.

Typically, patients who have gaps between their teeth, wish to close the gap for aesthetic reasons, in order to improve the appearance of their smile. Someone with gapped teeth may not like the appearance of the wide space between their teeth, especially if the gaps are between their front teeth and visible when they smile.

How can I close the gaps between my teeth?

Gaps between the teeth can be closed in two ways broadly. The first is to move the teeth, so they are closer together, thus closing the gap in the process. The second is to widen the width or size of the teeth, which in turn closes the gap. The first can be achieved with braces (Invisalign braces are the most popular); the second with composite bonding or veneers. We will discuss Invisalign braces in more detail in the sections below. Composite bonding and veneers are covered in other articles available on our website.

How Invisalign can close gaps between teeth.

Any kind of brace system can be used to close teeth gaps. Invisalign braces tend to be the most popular with our patients in London due to their speed and convenience. They move teeth using clear plastic trays called aligners to gradually move the teeth from their initial positions to their final positions, closing the gaps between the teeth in the process. Invisalign aligners are custom made for each patient and need to be work 22 hours a day. Each set of Invisalign trays are worn for 1-2 week, moving the teeth a small amount in that time. The trays are then swapped for a new set, which in turn moves the teeth further along, till the final set of trays move the teeth to their desired position. Each set of Invisalign aligners moves the teeth closer together, till the teeth are next to each other, thus closing the gap by the time you finish the final set of Invisalign trays.

The entire Invisalign treatment can take anything between 3-4 months to a little over a year. The treatment duration depends on the size of the gap and therefore the amount of teeth movement required to close the gaps.

Invisalign For Gaps Between Teeth | £1,175 Off Invisalign Invisalign in London | Whites Dental

Why should I choose Invisalign for closing gaps between my teeth?

Invisalign braces are one of the most preferred treatments with our patients in London to close gaps between their teeth. There are a few different reasons for this.

How Long Will It Take?

  • The first is simply the convenience associated with Invisalign braces. They are completely removable – which means you can take them off while eating. You can continue to enjoy your favourite food while undergoing Invisalign treatment.
  • The second is that Invisalign braces are very discreet. Most people won’t be able to even see them, let alone know you are wearing them. They are virtually invisible.
  • Many dentists and orthodontists now prefer Invisalign braces to close teeth gaps.
Invisalign For Gaps Between Teeth Invisalign in London | Whites Dental

For more information on Invisalign braces and how they can help close gaps between your teeth, please visit our Invisalign homepage .

We are a dedicated Invisalign clinic and we have helped hundreds of patients close gaps between their teeth, giving them a straight, bright, gap free smile.

At Whites Dental, we have some of London’s most experienced Invisalign dentists offering Invisalign braces, fixed braces and composite bonding to close gaps between teeth. Please email us or call us on the number above to book a free consultation with one of our dentists near me. We can help close the gaps in your smile.

I am Dr Jeen. I am a qualified dentist and have written this article for Whites Dental.

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