Teeth Alignment Problems

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Overbite, Underbite and Overcrowding of Teeth

Description Braces and Treatment Problem Image Impact
With 'Gappy teeth' large spaces exist between teeth Fixed braces and Composite Bonding Gapping Gapping teeth aesthetic and hygiene
An Overbite is where the upper teeth overshoot the lower teeth Fixed braces Overbite Overbite teeth aesthetic, gum issues and eating
The horizontal plane of the teeth is off centre Fixed braces Crossbite Crossbite teeth aesthetic, damage and eating
The teeth do not have enough space and overlap Fixed braces, hygienist and teeth whitening Overcrowding Overcrowded teeth hygiene and aesthetic
The lower row of teeth overshoots the upper Fixed braces, mild cases Invisalign Underbite Underbite teeth aesthetic and eating
There is a gap between the lower row of teeth and upper Fixed braces and composite bonding Open bite Openbite teeth aesthetic and eating
The upper teeth sit deeply over the lower teeth Fixed braces Deep bite Deepbite teeth aesthetic damage and eating

Taking the first steps in assessing your teeth problems

Consulting an orthodontist who will consider age, severity, desired outcome, and lifestyle for the problems and the treatment recommendations for correcting your teeth.

Generally speaking the type of fixed braces you choose; metal braces, ceramic braces, damon braces will be a personal preference, fastbraces can be an option for the less severe cases, requiring minor realignment and Invisalign is a choice suitable for those of you less concerned about the timeframe, as it will take a little longer.

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The best age for diagnosing a problem

Early diagnosis of teeth misalignment is crucial for achieving optimal treatment outcomes. Ideally, a dentist will perform a comprehensive oral examination around age 7 to identify any potential issues. This initial screening can reveal minor misalignments or underlying jaw discrepancies that might benefit from early intervention. As children grow and their permanent teeth erupt, any developing misalignment problems become more evident. Orthodontists, specialists in tooth movement, typically take over diagnosis and treatment planning during the pre-teen or teenage years. While some misalignment issues might be present in childhood, others like impacted wisdom teeth or specific jaw growth patterns may not manifest until young adulthood. Regular dental checkups throughout childhood and adolescence remain essential for timely detection and intervention if needed.

However, it is a myth that braces cannot offer an effective treatment for adults with teeth alignment problems. For more information on adult braces please arrangr a free consultation.

Before & After Teeth Straighteningview before and after treatment photos

Re-aligning your Teeth with Braces

The treatment process for any teeth problem always starts with a consultation and assessment. If you have spotted a potential problem early, then regular monitoring of this will allow early intervention and to apply an appropriate orthodontics treatment during the years of growth will often allow a much less severe treatment.

Whites Dental have an experienced Childrens Orthodontist able to provide the best advice to you and your child and will ensure the best solution and timings are fully communicated.

The pages within our website provide many resources on orthodontic treatments and our staff are also available should you prefer to visit the clinic. Additionally you can take advantage of a free consultation to assess the problem and provide an initial indication of the next steps, whether you are an adult seeking corrective measures or a parent trying to plan the best time to intervene, we have the specialists able to solve your teeth alignment issue. You may also find that getting familiar with the braces treatment procedures also helpful and within these pages you will find the answers to many of your questions such as How are braces glued to teeth? and more general product information along side hygiene and matters relating to keeping your braces clean.

Braces treatments are available through the NHS for any treatment with clinical need, however, this will rarely take into consideration issues such as low self-esteem or mild speach problems. You can find out more about how ‘clinical need’ is assessed by the NHS on our site providing detailed information regarding the Costs of Fixed Braces in London.

Whites Dental provides treatments such as Invisalign braces, fixed braces, metal braces & ceramic braces for teeth straightening. They also provide related dental treatments such as composite bonding, teeth whitening, general and emergency dental treatments & hygienist services.

The Clinic at Waterloo offers an  experienced dental team  Easily accessible from Borough, London Bridge, Southwark, Blackfriars and Elephant and Castle, our clinic offers state of the art facilities in a warm and friendly environment. We are based adjacent to Southwark Tube station. 10 minutes’ walk from London Bridge, Elephant and Castle, Blackfriars station, Waterloo, Southbank and Borough.

Our Marble Arch dental team serves North and South Kensington, Covent Garden, Belgravia, Paddington & Marylebone, also offering a full range of dental treatments such as orthodontic braces, cosmetic dentistry and dental hygiene.

Both our clinics provide interest free – 0% interest – finance payment plan options for all types of dentistry treatments. Please contact us to book a free initial consultation on a range of cosmetic dentistry, teeth alignment, braces and smile enhancements treatments. We often have weekday, evening and weekend appointments available.

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