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Fixed Braces

“Traditional dental braces that remain fixed to the front surface of your teeth. Made of either metal or ceramic material.”

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Removable Braces

“Removable braces employ plastic trays or aligners to straighten your teeth discreetly. Virtually invisible braces.”

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Metal Braces

“Most common type of braces usually made of stainless steel. Very effective at straightening teeth. Cost effective treatment.”

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Ceramic Braces

“Similar to metal braces, but the brackets are made of ceramic tooth coloured material. More discreet and more popular with adults. Also called clear braces.”

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Braces for teeth with gaps

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Braces for teeth that overlap

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“Overlapping twisted teeth corrected using braces & composite bonding.”

Braces for teeth that are twisted

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Orthodontist in London Waterloo | Whites Dental


“Twisted and irregular teeth corrected using braces & composite bonding.”

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Fastbraces (Fast Braces)

Straighten Your Smile In As Little As 4 Months.

Fastbraces is a fast and affordable way to straighten your teeth. The system used advanced orthodontic technological features to correct a variety of orthodontic conditions in just a few months.  Fastbraces is simple and elegant and is able to correct more complex cases as compared to many of the other short term orthodontic systems available on the market.

Traditional orthodontic braces move the teeth into position in two different stages, typically over a two year duration. The crown of the teeth is first moved into alignment in the first year. In the second year, positions of the roots of the teeth are corrected. Fastbraces on the other hand work on an altogether different mechanical principle. The patented teeth straightening system uses innovative triangular braces and a square shaped special wire to correct the position of roots of the teeth, from the very start of the treatment, realigning the crowns and roots of the teeth simultaneously. As a result, Fastbraces can reduce treatment times to half the usual treatment duration as it focuses on both these aspects all at the same time.

Treatment Duration

Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment using Fastbraces are able to achieve a straighter smile in typically half the time as compared to traditional orthodontic systems. On average, it takes between 3 months to a year to move teeth into position using Factbraces.


Fastbraces have a number of benefits over traditional orthodontic fixed braces. The first clearly is the shorter treatment duration as compared to traditional systems. Reduced time in the chair and less number of visits to the orthodontist is reflected in lower cost for treatment to the patient. We have found that our patients also mention that they experience very little discomfort while undergoing treatment using Fastbraces. A significant proportion of Fastbraces cases do not need any teeth to be extracted, unlike traditional orthodontic fixed braces. Also, on completion of the treatment, a patient needs to spend less time wearing retainers, typically 15 minutes a day is adequate. Finally, reduced treatment duration means that patients have a shorter window when they are at higher risk of poor oral hygiene (braces can sometimes hinder proper cleaning of teeth while brushing), which in turn translates to less risk of tooth decay.


At Whites Dental, our experienced orthodontists provide Fastbraces at very competitive costs. They go to significant lengths to provide you with exceptional dental care. Our Fastbraces costs are listed in the cost table detailed below.


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Six Month Smiles from £1,950
Fast Braces
from £2,250
Lingual Braces
from £2,495
Damon Braces
from £3,495

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Dr Sarmite and Dr Elliot are leading teeth straightening specialists, with over 35 years of teeth straightening experience between them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Fastbraces treatment last? 

Fastbraces® system enables gentle movement of the crowns and roots of the teeth towards their final position from the very start of the treatment, achieving parallel movement at the beginning stages itself. This enables teeth straightening treatment to be completed in as little as 3 months to about a year. Many patients see results in a matter of a few weeks even.

Is Fastbraces teeth straightening treatment less painful compared to traditional braces?

A number of our patients have mentioned that they experienced very little discomfort over the course of the treatment. Research conducted by universities shows that the technology used by Fastbraces system has low mean frictional forces associated with it and also a clear reduction in sliding friction. This likely directly translates to reduced levels of pain during teeth movement associated with the technology.

Will I have to wear retainers on completion of Fastbraces treatment?

On completion of the Fastbraces treatment, alignment of the root and crowns of the teeth will be completed. You will need to wear retainers after in order to prevent the teeth from moving back to their starting positions Retainers typically need to be worn for only 15-20 minutes a day, every day. This duration is significantly smaller than retention requirements associated with more traditional orthodontic braces. Patients also have the option to use fixed retainers; fixed retainers can be fixed to the back of the teeth, allowing you to be free from carrying retainers around all the time. Our orthodontist will be able to advise what retainer option may be best suited to your requirements.

How much does the Fastbraces teeth straightening treatment cost?

Fastbraces is a very cost-effective orthodontic teeth straightening system; this is largely as a result of the quick treatment times associated with its innovative technology. You spend less time wearing the braces and spend less time with the orthodontist as a result. Less appointments with the orthodontist directly translates to lower treatment costs and therefore lower prices for the patient. Fastbraces teeth straightening treatment typically ranges from between £2,200 to £2,900 across a range of orthodontic dental practices.

At Whites Dental, our Fastbraces treatment costs are very competitive. Please view our costs table at the top of this page costings. We also offer 0% finance to our patients, enabling you to spread the cost of the treatment over the duration of your treatment.

Whites Dental provides Fastbraces teeth straightening treatments to patients in Central London in London Bridge and London Waterloo. Our orthodontic teeth straightening treatments include fixed metal braces, fixed ceramic clear braces, removable braces, Damon braces, Six Month Smiles and Invisalign. We are located in London Waterloo SE1, adjacent to Southwark Tube. We are also a 10 minutes’ walking distance from Elephant and Castle, London Bridge, Southbank and Borough station.