Are veneers painful?

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Many people are wondering – are dental veneers painful to get done? If you are looking to have this treatment done, then it helps to have a full understanding of what you may experience during this process. Porcelain and composite veneers are becoming popular with men and women in London wanting to improve their teeth and restore their confidence when they smile. At Whites Dental we provide a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures in London such as porcelain and composite veneers, tooth whitening, composite bonding and teeth alignment. We are based in Waterloo, adjacent to Southwark Station or a quick walk from Waterloo mainline station

Are veneers worth it?

Every situation is different, so whether veneer are worth it to you depends on how you feel about your present situation, how much money you’re prepared to spend, and how much of a commitment you want to make. Since getting veneers done is an irreversible treatment, it would be good to talk things over first during a professional consultation to go over the pros and cons of having dental veneers so you can fully understand the procedure before you get yourself fully into them. Porcelain veneers are excellent restorations. The colour, shape, size, and alignment of the teeth can be changed with this technique. If you are looking to accomplish a “smile makeover”- this is a fast and long-lasting way to get it. One of the advantages of veneer is that the cosmetic dentist needs to do minimal preparation to your teeth.

Key Facts about Dental Veneers

It is a fact that your teeth have a significant impact on your overall appearance and confidence level. If you have perfectly straight, white nicely-shaped teeth, your smile will appear amazingly flawless. This will make you feel more confident about smiling, and you will never be embarrassed each time you open your mouth. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with sparkling, camera-ready stunning teeth. However, there is still a solution to this problem, which is what dental veneers are here for. This is a type of cosmetic treatment that is designed for patients who wish to improve and enhance the appearance of their teeth and smile.

Are veneers painful | | Cosmetic Dentist in London Waterloo | Whites Dental

With the help of thin porcelain layers attached to the front portion of your teeth, any flaws are instantly concealed such as cracks, bad shape, stains and chips that impact the appearance.

Preparation Before Getting Veneers

Before you start the veneers procedure, the cosmetic dentist will take you through some techniques designed to prepare you for your veneer. The very first thing that must be done is to shape your teeth to prevent the veneers from giving your teeth a bulky appearance. This therefore requires the removal of a very tiny amount of the tooth enamel. After the preparation, you will need to wear temporary veneers to cover the teeth while having the permanent veneers created, and to give you some time to become used to your new and improved smile. When your porcelain veneers are ready, you should come back to your dentist for your second appointment. This is the time when the veneers will be attached, and you will soon enjoy your brand-new smile that is much better than before.

What You Should Know about the Process

So, does it hurt to undergo this process? The truth is, there is no such thing as a serious amount of pain that comes with it. In fact, many people are surprised to realise that the entire procedure is just as easy as it is supposed to be. There is no significant pain, and only a very thin layer of your tooth’s structure is removed along the way. This is only important to prevent a bulky look after the process, which is what you want for that picture-perfect smile. Just bear in mind that you ideally should attend a full consultation with a cosmetic dentist who specialised in dental veneer to learn more about the entire process and what you can expect from it. You should also fully understand that dental veneers have a life and may need to be replaced at some point (typically 10-12 years). Once the veneers have been applied, you will need to care for the veneers as you would for your natural teeth, such as avoiding habits that can damage or break the veneers such as biting on hard foods.

How are veneers fitted??

First and foremost, you will have a cosmetic consultation with our cosmetic dentists to make sure that dental veneers are the right treatment option for you. Once this has been agreed, our dentist will then take an impression of your mouth so that we can have your veneers custom designed to fit your exact smile. A temporary veneer will most likely be placed on your tooth while your permanent veneer is being manufactured. Whether you are in for one veneer or for your whole smile, your new veneers are designed and fabricated for a custom, perfect fit. Veneer are adhered to your natural teeth with a special material that hardens under a certain type of light. You might be given a local anaesthetic as a precaution, but the procedure shouldn’t cause you pain. Your veneer will be adjusted as necessary, before being permanently secured in place.

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After they are adhered to your teeth, they are shaped and polished by our cosmetic dentist until they are absolutely perfect!

You’ll need to take care of your new veneer in the same way you would your other teeth. With proper care, veneers can last for many years, but they can also be replaced should any damage occur.

Are you thinking of exploring the option of placing porcelain veneers on one or more of your teeth? Then make an appointment with one of our leading cosmetic dentists here at Whites Dental. We look forward to talking about how veneer can create a truly beautiful smile.

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At Whites Dental, we have an amazing team of dental professionals waiting to give you a very positive dental experience. We also have some of the leading cosmetic dentists in London working with us. They are qualified in providing composite bonding, porcelain veneer and composite veneer procedures to patients near us in London Waterloo, Southwark, Central London, Elephant and Castle and London Bridge. This page provides information on whether it is painful to get veneer. We are based in London Waterloo, right across the road from Southwark Tube station and very close to London Waterloo rail station.

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