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Porcelain & Composite Veneers Cost In London UK

Veneers are a very popular cosmetic dental treatment in London, often used to improve the appearance of the patient’s visible teeth. A veneer is a small shell made of either porcelain or ceramic material, which covers the front surface of a tooth in order to change the size, shape and colour of the underlying tooth. Veneers come in two types – porcelain veneers and composite veneers. Porcelain veneers are made of, as the name suggests, porcelain material, whereas composite veneers are made from composite resin material. The cost of each type of veneer is different, which is explained in more detail at the bottom of this page. Each type of veneer has its own advantages; we have discussed these in more detail in one of our other articles. In this article, we focus on the cost of different types of veneers, especially in London.

Cost Effective Veneers In London

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Gaps In Teeth

Porcelain Veneers London Gaps In Teeth

“Our bespoke veneers can close gaps in teeth quickly and without causing discomfort. Whether you have one gap or multiple gaps between your teeth, veneers can help create a smile that fills you with confidence.”

Worn Chipped Teeth

Porcelain Veneers London Worn Chipped Teeth

“Tooth wear and tear is common, especially if you grind your teeth. The more worn down your teeth, the more damaged they can become. Whether you have chipped teeth or feel your smile looks worn down, our veneers can help.”

Crooked teeth

Porcelain Veneers London Crooked teeth

Braces can take years and are often painful. Porcelain veneers can offer a quicker route to straight teeth. Our veneers provide a faster route to a straight smile, without the need for braces.”

Uneven Teeth

Porcelain Veneers London Uneven Teeth

“Uneven teeth or differently sized and shaped teeth can make your smile look uneven, often leading to shyness while smiling. Our porcelain veneers can be a quick and convenient way to improve your smile.”

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Veneers Cost In London

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Composite Veneers – 2-3 Teeth from £325 - £395 /tooth
Composite Veneers – 4 Teeth from £1,495
Composite Veneers – 6 Teeth from £2,295
Composite Veneers – 8 Teeth from £2,995
Composite Veneers – 10 Teeth from £3,695
Porcelain Veneers – 2-3 Teeth from £600 - £695 /tooth
Porcelain Veneers – 4 Teeth from £2,295
Porcelain Veneers – 6 Teeth from £3,495
Porcelain Veneers – 8 Teeth from £4,795
Porcelain Veneers – 10 Teeth from £5,995
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How Much Do Veneers Cost In London?

Cosmetic veneers procedures no longer cost thousands and thousands of pounds. They have become increasingly more affordable as a result of new advances in cosmetic veneer procedures and dental technology over the last many years. New dental tools are now available to veneer dentists, assisting them in speeding up treatment times; cosmetic dental procedures have come down in cost as well as a result. Veneers are a good example of how new dental techniques have led to a drop in cost of veneers treatment, especially in London. For example, composite veneers can cost as little as £450 per tooth in London to fix chips and make changes to the shape of a tooth. As the complexity of the change that’s required to the shape and size of the tooth increase, the cost of composite veneers can increase as well. Porcelain veneers typically cost more than composite veneers. The cost of porcelain veneers usually starts from £600 per tooth in London, going up to £800-900 per tooth as well. The cost of dental veneers depends mostly on two factors:

The first factor is the complexity of the change the patient is wanting to make to your smile. If the patient is looking to make major changes to their smile, the size and shape of individual teeth, the time it takes to complete the veneers procedure will be longer. If the procedure takes longer, the veneers dentist needs to spend more time making the cosmetic changes, which in turn leads to a higher cost of veneer treatment for the patient. The second factor that impacts the cost of veneers is the experience of the veneers dentist. The more experienced the dentist, the more predictable and natural looking the results. If the dentists provides more predictable and natural results, the higher the fee the dentist will usually charge for the veneers treatment.