Information on Professional Whitening in London

Teeth whitening has experienced such a huge rise in popularity and advancements in technology, that it is unsurprising that Whites Dental receive so many questions in relation to whitening treatments. Our Clinics offer two products - and for those of you wanting to compare Philips and Enlighten we can provide you with extensive information on both solutions.

Choosing between Home Whitening Kits and In-clinic Whitening

The first decision however, is to decide between the home whitening kits or the instant laser treatment administered in clinic. The choice is usually determined by whether you are seeking an instant whitening - perhaps for a specific event or if you are less concerned about the time it takes, and have the dedication to complete the schedule of treatments at home. In either instance, you must seek professional advice, you will need to be guided by the dentist on the most suitable product, unlike shelf-bought treatments, the strength of these treatments requires them to be administered by a registered dentist.