How To Close Gaps Between Front Teeth

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cosmetic dentist in london waterloo | Whites Dental
cosmetic dentist in london waterloo | Whites Dental

Composite Bonding London Bridge

Do you have gaps in your front teeth? We can help. Our cosmetic dentists can help you create your perfect smile with a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments such as composite bonding, veneers and teeth alignment. A number of our patients in London City ask us whether the gaps in their teeth can be addressed with composite bonding. The answer is usually us. If you are looking to fix gaps in your teeth, why not arrange a consultation with one of our dentists?

The gap between two teeth is called “diastema”. These gaps normally appear between the two upper front teeth, but they can occur between any two teeth and there are several reasons why someone may have “gappy” teeth-

  • Bad habits like thumb sucking can move the front teeth forward and create gaps.
  • Missing or undersized teeth can cause neighbouring teeth to move and attempt to help close one gap, but this movement creates new gaps.
  • Improper swallowing reflex can also be reason for spaces to develop. Normally, when you swallow, your tongue should press against the roof of your mouth, however some people push their tongue forward against their front teeth. This pressure will cause the front teeth to move, creating a gap.
  • Oversized labial frenum (piece of tissue extending from the inside of your upper lip to the gums) can create a gap. For certain people, it can grow too large and pass between the two front teeth, blocking natural closure of the space between these teeth.
  • Gum disease can cause your jawbone to weaken and recede. Because your jawbone supports your teeth, losing bone can cause them to become loose and move.

Having said all of that, even if your teeth gaps don’t bother you from an aesthetic point of view, it is important to get the diastema checked by a dentist in case a more serious condition such as gum disease is the cause. Gaps in your teeth can also mean you have an improper bite, which can cause chipped or broken teeth.

There are a lot of different options available to close the gaps between teeth, and they vary depending on the severity of the case.

how to close gaps between front teeth in london Cosmetic Destist Composite Bonding in London | Whites Dental

Composite bonding

Composite bonding also known as dental bonding, is the easiest, quickest, and most economical way to fix a gap between teeth. The same procedure can be used to fix a chipped tooth. A tooth coloured resin is attached to your teeth and shaped to match their natural look. Then, it is hardened with a UV light which bonds it and closes the gap. Bonding usually only takes one office visit and there is no need to remove any natural enamel, allowing the process to be reversed if required. However, it also means bonding is not a permanent solution and requires maintenance, as it will wear off over time due to impacts from eating and brushing.


Another cosmetic approach to fixing gaps in between front teeth are porcelain veneers. They require more work and planning than dental bonding, but the procedure is still relatively simple and the results last for many years.

A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that has been shaped in a lab to match the shape and colour of your teeth. It is placed and bonded over the front of your tooth, covering up any imperfections or gaps in your teeth. Once bonded, the thin piece of porcelain becomes very strong and difficult to break.

Veneers look great and are long lasting if done properly, but it is important to know that the process if irreversible. In order to create surface space for the veneers to be attached to, a thin layer of enamel needs to be removed from the front of your teeth. Without that enamel, your teeth need veneers for protection, as they would otherwise become exposed and painfully sensitive. Veneers can help correct countless cosmetic issues, but depending on the cause of the gaps in your teeth, orthodontics might be required.


For some severe cases of teeth gaps, an orthodontic approach may be the best solution. It is not as simple as it may seem- only moving the front two teeth together would create gaps either side of the, which is why braces or invisible aligners would be required to correct your arch, or the position of all your visible teeth.

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Out of the two options, invisible aligners are often the easiest, most pain-free and affordable option to close gaps. By adjusting the shape and size of your dental arches, the teeth are moved into their ideal alignment, closing the gap. Because the dental aligners are made from durable yet flexible plastic, they can be removed and cleaned, leading to a healthier smile than when fixed braces are used. Even though orthodontic treatment takes longer than dental bonding or veneers, it is an effective and long-lasting solution. The bonding material can discolour and become weaker over the years, while veneers require the destruction of your natural protective enamel and can come at great financial cost. Invisible aligners such as Invisalign have become much more cost and time efficient than other methods.

At Whites Dental, some of London’s leading cosmetic dentists provide state of the art cosmetic dentistry to our patients in Central London, including teeth alignment (Invisalign braces), composite bonding, veneers and smile makeovers.

We are centrally located in the heart of London Waterloo, right adjacent to the busy Southwark tube station. We are a short 8-10 mins walk from Elephant and Castle, Borough Market, Southbank, Blackfriars and London Bridge.

Why not give us a call on 0208 616 0590 today to book an appointment with our friendly cosmetic dentists today. You can find more useful information about cosmetic dentistry and how to fix gaps between your teeth below –

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