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“Excellent service, lovely setting, friendly staff. Was very pleased with the service I received”
“Excellent service, lovely setting, friendly staff. Was very pleased with the service I received”

Private dental clinics in Central London

Whites Dental is a Private Dental group with two clinics in London Waterloo and London Marble Arch.

We have an experienced team able to offer private cosmetic dentistry such as – veneers, bonding, teeth whitening and additional services for Orthodontics, including adult braces.

 Cosmetic Dentistry Marble Arch and London Waterloo

Teeth Whitening – Waterloo and Marble Arch clinics

Adult Braces – Central London Waterloo and Marble Arch clinics

Composite Bonding and Veneers – Waterloo and Marble Arch clinics



We also offer Orthodontics at our London Clinics and provide complete support from consultation, assessments, x-rays and fittings.

Orthodontics Marble Arch and London Waterloo

Orthodontics – Southwark

Private Orthodontist for Kids – at both the Marble Ach and Waterloo Clinics


We also have specialists in General Dentistry and provide the usual hygienist, and routine dentistry along-side emergency dental work.

General Dentistry Marble Arch and London Waterloo

Dentist – Blackfriars

Dentist – London Paddington W2

Dentist – London Waterloo



If you would like to explore payment options, we also offer dental finance that is interest free and allows you to spread the cost of your dental work.

Emergency Dentistry Marble Arch and London Waterloo

Emergency Dentist near Southwark

Emergency Dentist near Waterloo

Emergency Dentist near Paddington



Dental Treatments in London – provides links to resources and information regarding a number of our treatments.

Our team of dentists are accredited by the General Dental Council and British Dentistry Association.




Porcelain Veneers London Gaps In Teeth

Veneers are typically not available on any NHS service plan, the work is deemed to be aesthetic, however, if you suffer from gappy teeth, veneers can also improve your oral hygiene.

Adult Braces

Should You Consider Using Adult Braces | Whites Dental

Adult braces are also rarely available on the NHS, childs braces are more easily accessed however. With Whites Dental you can expect an affordable assessment and treatment plan to suit your needs at any age.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in London | Whites Dental

Teeth Whitening is another example of cosmetic dentistry and is a treatment you will have to book privately. Whites Dental provide a range of instant – in-clinic options and professional  home teeth whitening.

Dentist Registration in London

Registering with a Dentist in London

The ease of registering with a dentist and getting an appointment in the UK can vary depending on several factors:

  • Location: Finding an NHS dentist (National Health Service) can be more challenging in some areas, particularly busy cities or regions with dentist shortages. More rural areas might have limited options as well.
  • Practice type: NHS dentists offer free or heavily subsidized checkups and basic treatments, but they may have longer waiting lists for appointments. Private practices offer a wider range of treatments and potentially shorter waiting times, but these come at a cost.

Here’s a general overview of the process:

NHS Dentist:

  1. Find an NHS dentist: For advice on comparing a private and NHS dentist, you can use the NHS website to search for practices accepting new patients in your area – click on the logo to go through to that external page.


  2. Registering: Contact the practice directly to inquire about registration. This might involve filling out a registration form and providing your NHS number.
  3. Booking an appointment: Once registered, you can schedule an appointment for a checkup or treatment. Be prepared for potential waiting times, which can vary depending on the practice and urgency of your needs.

Advice for finding an NHS dentist in London.

Private Dentist:

  1. Finding a dentist: You can search online directories, ask your doctor for recommendations, or check local listings.
  2. Contacting the practice: Call or visit the practice website to inquire about fees and availability.
  3. Booking an appointment: Schedule an appointment that suits your needs. Waiting times for private dentists are generally shorter than NHS dentists.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Emergency appointments: Both NHS and private practices usually offer emergency appointments for urgent dental needs. Many NHS dentists are struggling with capacity, so if it is the ease of booking an appointment that you are looking for it might be better for you to consider private dental treatments..
  • Denplan: This is a private dental payment plan that can help spread the cost of private dental care. At Whites Dental we accept all major providers of dental insurance for dental treatments.
Achieve better oral hygiene

Prevent new issues from arising
Keep gums healthy

Patient Reviews
Invisalign London Review 2 | Whites Dental


Composite Bonding London Review 4 | Whites Dental


Invisalign London Review 3 | Whites Dental


Smiling woman alongside a review of her dental treatment
Clinic locations and travel times – Central London:


The Waterloo clinic is easily accessible via the Bakerloo, Jubilee and Northern lines being less than 10 min from Borough, Lambeth and Waterloo and less than 5 mins from Southwark tube station.

The clinic is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and can boast some famous clients. If you would like to visit the clinic to discuss a treatment or for further information, you are welcome to visit and speak to our reception team.

Marble Arch

Our Marble Arch clinic is also easily accessible, based just a ten min walk from Paddington and just over 5 mins from Edgware Road Station and Marble Arch. These stations providing access via the Bakerloo, Central, Circle, District, Hammersmith and City and the Elizabeth lines.