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Removable Braces

Straight Teeth. Perfect Smile.

Removable Braces are a type of teeth straightening treatment used to improve the alignment of teeth that are crooked or crowded, improving their look and appearance along the way. They are most commonly used to correct minor teeth misalignment condition associated with the upper teeth. Removable braces are typically made up of a plastic plate, with straightening wires attached to the plate. They work just like fixed braces in that the wires in the removal brace are tightened over the course of the treatment, helping guide the teeth into the desired final position. As the name suggests, removable braces can be removed for purposes such as brushing, playing contact sports etc.

Removable braces provide a superior treatment experience to the patient as compared to fixed braces. They remove the need to wear uncomfortable fixed metal braces. Some of the benefits associated with removable braces include –

  • Removable braces can be removed for purposes such as eating, brushing, playing contact sports etc.
  • Removable braces reduce the risk of poor oral hygiene during treatment, something that’s often associated with fixed braces.
  • Removable braces are easy to clean.
  • The length of treatment with removable braces is often shorter as compared to that associated with fixed braces.
  • Removable braces are relatively discreet and can be removed when required – for example for attending important occasions such as a wedding.


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i7 treatment – up to 7 sets of aligners from £1,500
Lite treatment – 8 – 14 sets of aligners from £2,155
Full treatment – 15 to 30 sets of aligners from £3,795
Full treatment – complex from £4,200
Fast Braces from £2,000
Metal Fixed Braces from £3,000
Ceramic Fixed Braces from £3,200
Lingual Fixed Braces from £3,300
Removable Braces from £2,000

Exceptional Dental Care

At Whites Dental, we try very hard to provide every patient with exceptional dental care and customer service. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to exceed the expectation of every single patient.

Our dentists, Dr. Magda and Dr. Xenia are very experienced dentists, with over 20 years of dental experience between the two of them. They go to great lengths to leave you with a happy smile at the end of your treatment with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are removable braces painful?

Removable brace treatment can cause some discomfort initially. You can expect to experience some soreness for 3 to 5 days each time the brace is adjusted by the orthodontist. We advise our patients to use painkillers when necessary to help with the sore teeth. You should always make sure you read the instructions on the back of the packet.

You could also experience soreness as a result of the brace rubbing against the inside of the cheek or mouth. If this is the case, you should call the orthodontist to book an appointment where the orthodontist will make adjustments to the removable brace.

How else might a removable brace affect me?

For some patients, removable braces can affect your speech initially till you get used to wearing the brace. We suggest you practice speaking with the removable brace in place by reading out a book loudly to yourself. This will assist in returning your speech back to normal in a few days.

You may also find yourself swallowing a lot more as a result of wearing the removable brace. This is due to the mouth producing more saliva as a result of the new addition to your mouth. This is considered normal and will pass in time.

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Will I be able to eat normally if I am wearing removable braces?

After having your removable brace fitted, you should be able to eat normally. It’s important to keep the brace on while doing so, unless the orthodontist has mentioned you don’t need to. Eating with the removable brace on might be a little difficult initially, however it will become easier the more you eat with the brace on. After eating a meal, remove the removable brace and clean / rinse your mouth with water. Also brush the removable brace with a toothbrush to remove any food debris.

It’s important to take care of your teeth and removable brace over the course of the teeth straightening treatment. We advise all our patients to avoid the following food and drinks –

  • Boiled or sticky sweets, toffee, chewing gum, bubble gum and other forms of gums should not be consumed. They can get stuck in the teeth and brace and cause issues.
  • Fizzy drinks should be avoided. This includes diet drinks. You should also avoid drinking large amounts of fruit juice.
  • Hard foods should also be avoided. Crunchy apples or crusty bread rolls and nuts for example could damage the removable brace. However, if you cut the hard food items into small easy to chew bits, you can eat them as long as you do so with care so as not to damage the removable brace.
How should I brush my teeth if I have a removable brace?

Once the removable brace is fitted, we advise all our patients to brush twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste. If at all possible, you should carry a toothbrush for brushing your teeth after having your lunch as well. This will help keep your teeth and gums healthy and keep the fixed brace clean.

We also advise use of a fluoride based mouth wash to be used at night after brushing your teeth. It’s vitally important to maintain good oral hygiene during the course of the treatment. Healthy gums and teeth is an important requirement for successful teeth straightening treatment. Failure to do so can lead to complications down the line.

Can I remove the removable brace?

Our orthodontists advise removing the removable brace only for cleaning purposes. You may also remove the removable brace while playing contact sports. The treatment duration can increase if you remove the brace frequently. Also, please try to avoid flicking the removable brace with your tongue as this can bend or potentially break the wires connected to the brace, increasing the treatment time.

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How long will the removable brace treatment last?

Removable brace teeth straightening treatment typically takes 6 – 12 months. However, this depends on the severity of the teeth mis-alignment. Severe cases take longer than relatively minor cases. Treatment times also increase due to failed or missed appointments and repeated breakages of the removable brace.

How frequently will I need an appointment with the orthodontist?

Our orthodontist will typically ask you to come in for an appointment every 6 to 8 weeks or so. The frequency is dependent on the type of removable brace that’s been given to you.

Do I need to see my dentist in addition to the orthodontist?

Our orthodontist will typically ask you to come in for an appointment every 6 to 8 weeks or so. The frequency is dependent on the type of removable brace that’s been given to you.

Can I play contact sports if I am undergoing removable brace treatment?

You can carry on playing contact sports while undergoing removable brace treatment. You should take off the removable brace for the duration of the play and wear a gum shield instead. You should place the brace in a protective box when it’s not in use. Our orthodontist can provide you with one.

I play a mouth instrument – what should I do?

You should remove the removable brace while playing a musical instrument such as a flute or clarinet.

What should I do if my removable brace breaks?

If you break the removable brace, book an appointment with the orthodontist as soon as possible. Please do not wait for your next scheduled appointment as the breakage will cause a gap in your treatment and slow down the treatment process. The breakage may also be associated with damage to the teeth, which you should have investigated by a dentist right away. If your brace breaks repeatedly, the orthodontist may advise suspending your treatment to prevent any damage to your teeth.

Whites Dental provides Removable Braces Teeth Straightening Treatments to patients near us in Central London, especially around London Bridge and London Waterloo. We are located in London Waterloo SE1, next to Southwark Tube station. We are a 10 minutes’ walking distance from Borough, Southbank, London Bridge & Elephant and Castle stations.

We provide dedicated orthodontics and can offer a vast range of dental solutions to straightening teeth, if you have specific questions regarding which treatment is right for you we suggest you take advantage of the consultation services provided and if you have questions such as How are braces glued to teeth? or Can I personalise my teeth braces? then we have extensive information on braces contained within these pages.

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