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Emergency Dentist In London Southwark

Emergency Dentist Service near me

Dental emergencies are not very pleasant. However, they can happen from time to time. If a dental emergency does occur it is important contact an emergency dentist in London as quickly as you can for a full evaluation in order to minimize damage to your teeth, gums and supporting bone structure. Short-term dental measures can help relieve pain and potentially prevent more serious issues from arising.

At Whites Dental, we provide an emergency dentist near me service to patients who have had a dental emergency. We offer emergency appointments within the dental surgery during practice hours. We are also open on Saturdays. Our emergency dentist services are available to registered and also non-registered patients. We can typically provide same day emergency appointments if you require immediate dental attention – especially if you contact us early in the day. Some of the dental emergencies we regularly treat include –

  • Toothaches – mild and severe
  • Painful wisdom tooth
  • Broken or chipped tooth
  • Broken crowns / bridges or veneers
  • A dental abscess
  • Dental trauma or injury
  • A gum infection

It is not uncommon for patients suffering from toothache or other forms of dental pain to take over the counter painkillers such as Ibuprofen or Paracetamol. However, if the toothache or pain is as a result of an underlying issue, then you should see an emergency dentist to address the underlying problem.

Dental Emergency – What You Should Do

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any point of time. When a dental emergency does occur, see an emergency dentist near you as soon as possible to get the necessary treatment. Dental trauma can be minimised by taking quick action before it becomes too late. We have provided some tips on how to handling common dental emergencies below.

Toothache – Carefully floss your teeth and then rinse the mouth with warm water in order to remove any suspended food particles or debris. A cold compress to your cheek can help to reduce the swelling if you have one. Avoid applying painkiller gel to the painful area of the mouth as the gel may burn the gum tissue, which can cause additional discomfort. See an emergency dentist as soon as you can.

Chipped or Broken Tooth – If you have broken or chipped your tooth, it’s important that you collect the broken pieces and book an emergency appointment with a dentist as quickly as you can. If you can see a dentist soon after, the chances of repairing the damage to the teeth increase significantly. Alongside, it is also important that you control any bleeding that might have also occurred. Rinse the mouth with warm water and place a small piece of gauze at the injury location. Apply a cold compress to the cheek to help address swelling or pain.

Knocked-out Tooth – With advances to modern dentistry, a dentist can often fully restore a knocked out tooth, as long as the treatment starts within 90 minutes of the incident. Carefully collect the knocked out tooth; while doing so, you need to handle it by the crown or the top part of the tooth, and not by the root end. Do not try to scrub or wash away the dirt on your own. Simply drop it in a glass of water or cold milk. Ensure the liquid (milk or water) is neither warm nor hot. Then rush as quickly as you can to an emergency dentist near you.

Partially Dislodged Tooth – If a tooth has come partially dislodged, cold compresses can be effective to help minimise swelling or pain. Common over-the-counter painkillers can often prove to be helpful to minimise the pain. Visit an emergency dentist near you as quickly as you can.

Lost Filling – If you have lost a filling, the easiest stop-gap solution is to get a temporary dental filling material from a chemist near you. If you can’t find a chemist near to you, even sugar-free chewing gum can be used in order to fill the cavity for a short duration of time. A dentist will typically be able to replace the lost filling relatively easily on an emergency basis.

Lost Crown or Bridge – If your crown or bridge has come off, you need to visit an emergency dentist to have it applied to your teeth again. Keep the dislodged crown / bridge safely in a box where it will not be bent out of shape. The emergency dentist will typically be able to re-cement the dislodged crown or bridge to your teeth.

Dental Abscesses – An abscess is a nasty infection that can develop at the root of the tooth. In severe cases, it can sometimes lead to tooth loss. It can be very painful as well. It is therefore important that you visit an emergency dentist right away to have it treated. In the meanwhile, rinse your mouth with warm salt water in order to minimise pain and pus formation.

Emergency Dentist near me

Emergency Dentist Cost

Emergency Appointment
Targeted consultation to deal with a single issue. Treatment fee extra
White Fillings
Price varies by size and complexity of filling
£90 to £160
Price is per tooth and depends on tooth and complexity
from £110
Extractions – Surgical / Complex
Price is per tooth and depends on tooth and complexity
from £200
Chip Repair from £100
Temporary Dressing £50
Prescription £15

Ethically Priced
Our emergency dentist treatments are very ethically priced. That typically results in our prices being very competitive.

Dr. Deepa and Dr. Xenia are very experienced dentists, with over 20 years of dental experience between the two of them.

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Whites Dental provides Emergency Dentist Near Me service to patients near us in Central London, London Bridge and Elephant and Castle. We are based in London Waterloo SE1, right across the road from Southwark Tube station. We are also very close to Waterloo train station.

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