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Whites Dental is proud to offer Enlighten Teeth Whitening treatments in our surgery. Enlighten teeth whitening is a popular teeth whitening system that guarantees results. Enlighten claim it is the world’s best performing teeth whitening system (source: www.enlightensmiles.com). Enlighten treatments are at the premium end of the market.

Who Can Benefit?

Patients who have teeth shade A2 or lower show the most improvement with teeth whitening, with results easily visible. Patients with teeth shades better than A1 will show improvement as well, however, results are not as stark due to their starting shade being closer to white.

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Procedure Details

Enlighten teeth whitening is offered to patients in a few different ways. These include in-surgery teeth whitening and home teeth whitening. At Whites Dental, our dentist will help you choose the right one for you. Your choice will often come down to budget, how long you wish to spend in the dentist’s chair and the results you may want to achieve. Each option starts with a check-up with our dentist, who will assess your dental needs – from oral hygiene to teeth decay and gum condition (checking for gum disease). Teeth whitening is most effective when your teeth are most receptive to whitening. A hygiene sessions helps clean the teeth prior to the whitening process.

Enlighten treatment stages –

  1. Choose Enlighten – according to Enlighten, their Evolution Teeth Whitening treatment is the world‘s best performing teeth-whitening treatment. They guarantee Vita shade B1 for every patient and long lasting whitening results with low sensitivity.
  2. Book with us – Book the Enlighten teeth whitening treatment with our friendly reception team who will be happy to provide you an appointment at a convenient time for yourself.
  3. Appointment – Our dentist will create a bespoke tray to fit your teeth perfectly.
  4. Treatment – You then need to wear the Enlighten whitening trays overnight for two weeks and then visit us for the final 40 minute treatment.
  5. How Enlighten works – The active ingredient passes through the tooth enamel, breaking down stains by chemical oxidation. The process can take some time so it is important to finish the treatment as directed by our dentist
  6. Follow on after treatment – You will benefit by maintaining your whiter smile with Enlighten Evo-White toothpaste or tooth serum to further protect your teeth.

Procedure Details

  1. No pain, more gain – Enlighten claim to be the only whitening brand to give guaranteed long-lasting whitening results AND low sensitivity.
  2. How white will teeth get? Enlighten Whitening can whiten up to 16 shades. Results vary, but if used correctly all teeth will whiten dramatically as per Enlighten.
  3. Crowns, Veneers and fillings – your crowns, veneers or fillings will not change colour
  4. Safe and pain-free – the treatment is completely safe. The materials used in Enlighten Whitening have been used in dentistry for over 100 years. Patients may get some sensitivity, however, our dentist will give you easy to use desensitising swabs to take home, which will work immediately. Patients will also receive a tube of Tooth Serum toothpaste to brush while you wait for your trays. This also helps with sensitivity.

Please visit our Whites Dental website at www.whitesdental.co.uk for more details about our teeth whitening treatments. We will be more than happy to assist with brightening your smile. Our dental surgery is located in London Waterloo, adjacent to Southwark tube station. We are also a 5-10mins walk from London Blackfriars, London Bridge, Borough Market, Southwark, Southbank and Elephant & Castle stations.