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Home Teeth Whitening London

What is the best home whitening kit ?

Home whitening London - what is the best home whitening kit

Zoom home is our most popular home whitening kit. Our patient’s in London love it as it is cost effective and produces good consistent results in 2 weeks. It comes as DayWhite (daytime whitening) and NiteWhite (overnight whitening) kits.

Enlighten is our premium home whitening brand that guarantees a bright white shade for your teeth (B1 shade). It includes special de-sensitising ingredients to prevent and reduce teeth sensitivity. The results are spectacular indeed.

The Best Home Teeth Whitening In London

Enlighten Home Teeth Whitening

Photo of the brand Enlighten - product packaging

Enlighten is a premium home teeth whitening system that produces outstanding whitening results every time. Enlighten guarantee a B1 shade for your teeth using their home whitening kit.”

Enlighten Teeth WhiteningEnlighten at home whitening

Philips Zoom Home Teeth Whitening

Product photo of the Philips home kit

Zoom Whitening is a very popular home teeth whitening treatment used by millions around the world. It produces excellent results and is cost effective. It come in DayWhite and NiteWhite home whitening options.”

Philips Zoom Teeth WhiteningDifferent types of Zoom whitening

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Home Whitening Prices In London

Home Whitening Consultation
Philips Zoom - Home Whitening £235-£350
Enlighten - Home Whitening £595

Zoom home whitening costs £235-£350 depending on how many whitening gels are needed. Enlighten home whitening costs £595 at our London clinics. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss teeth whitening costs further.

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Upload photos of your teeth and tell us what whitening results you wish to achieve. We offer home teeth whitening in London Waterloo & London Marble Arch.

Home Whitening London – home whitening assessment and prices for home whitening kits

Our Assessment

We will reply within 24 hours and provide you various home whitening options and prices. We will then book you for a free home whitening consultation.

Home Whitening London – free home whitening consultation at our clinic


During your free home whitening consultation with our dentist, we will assess your teeth and recommend a home whitening kit that suits your requirements. Once you are ready, we can get you started.

Home Teeth Whitening Before And After

Home whitening results

Before and After Photos

How Does Home Teeth Whitening Work ?

Philips Zoom home whitening in London

Philips Zoom offers two home whitening kits – DayWhite and NiteWhite.

DayWhite is used if you want to whiten your teeth during the day. Whitening trays need to be worn for 60–90 minutes a day, with results visible in 2 weeks.

NiteWhite lets you whiten your teeth while sleeping and is ideal if you prefer to wear trays at night. NiteWhite also provides excellent results at home in 2 weeks.

The process starts with a consultation with our dentist. The dentist will do a full check of your teeth and gums, looking for any sign of decay or gum disease. We will then manufacture customised mouth trays that fit exactly to your teeth and gums, so you get the most effective and safe results. You will need to put a drop of the Zoom whitening gel into each tooth impression in the trays and then place the trays onto your teeth gently as shown in the video. Once the prescribed time is over, you can remove the trays – for a whiter smile.

Enlighten home whitening in London

Enlighten is a premium home whitening kit that guarantee a bright B1 shade for your teeth.

The Evolution home whitening kit includes premium whitening gels. Enlighten also provide their own Signature Trays to create a super seal around your teeth to ensure the gels stay only on your teeth, helping provide better whitening results. An Enlighten Tooth Serum is included in the kit, which needs to be applied for 2 weeks prior to starting treatment. The serum helps prevent sensitivity. During treatment, EvoSeal swabs are rubbed onto the sides of the tooth closest to the gums to ease sensitivity.

In order to have Enlighten home whitening, an initial consultation with the dentist is needed. The dentist will do an assessment of your teeth and gums, to ensure they are fit and healthy for home whitening. A session with the hygienist is recommend before starting whitening. We will then take impressions of your teeth and send them to Enlighten, who will then manufacture your Signature trays and provide the home whitening kit.

Home Teeth Whitening – Frequently Asked Questions

Home whitening – how much does it cost ?

Zoom home is our most popular whitening system. Costs £300-£350 typically. Enlighten is our premium teeth whitening brand. It costs £600-£650 typically.

Enlighten vs Zoom home whitening – which option is right for me ?

Zoom home whitening is a cost effective whitening kit with good consistent results. Enlighten home whitening is a  premium teeth whitening kit which offers less teeth sensitivity & guaranteed results.

Does home teeth whitening actually work ?

Home whitening, when it is done correctly (that means it’s performed by a dental professional), produces excellent improvement to the shade of your teeth –  a much whiter, brighter smile. We have a few hundred happy home whitening patients at our London clinics.

Results of the teeth whitening treatment often depend on the severity of the discolouration. For example, individuals with severely stained teeth show the most improvement with teeth whitening, with the results easily visible.

How much whiter will my teeth look after whitening ?

Home whitening results can often dependent on the person’s individual teeth type, nature of staining on the teeth & the type of whitening kit used. Enlighten, for example, guarantees a bright B1 shade. Zoom whitening is known to whiten teeth up to 6 shades brighter. They both produce excellent whitening results.

How long does home teeth whitening last ?

When carried out properly, home whitening results should be permanent in nature. Top-ups home whitening gels should only be needed once a year typically. Lifestyle choices like smoking cigarettes, wine & coffee drinking impact how long your home whitening results last.

What are the options for home whitening ?

We offer two home whitening options. Zoom home whitening – cost effective with good consistent results. Enlighten whitening – premium whitening with less teeth sensitivity and guaranteed results.

Does it hurt to whiten your teeth at home ?

Home whitening doesn’t hurt. However, it is often common for people to experience some form of sensitivity on your teeth. The sensitivity usually settles down in a few days. Top-end premium home whitening brands cause less teeth sensitivity.

How long will it take to whiten my teeth at home ?

Home teeth whitening kits usually take 2-3 weeks to produce good whitening results.

What is the main whitening ingredient in home whitening gels ?

Hydrogen peroxide (6%) is the main whitening ingredient withing the Zoom home whitening gels. Enlighten also uses hydrogen peroxide as the main whitening ingredient.

Why do I need to whiten my teeth ?

The reason patients consider teeth whitening is because their teeth have stained as a result of the food and drinks they consume and their life-style choices. Drinking red wine, tea and coffee can stain your teeth. Smoking causes teeth staining as well, leading to the loss of the natural white colour of our teeth. Whitening treatment helps whiten our teeth again, restoring them to their original whiter colour. The treatment is straight forward and effective in whitening teeth. And also cost effective.

Whites Dental provides home whitening kits including Philips Zoom Home Whitening and Enlighten home whitening to patients around us in London. We are located in London Waterloo SE1, adjacent to Southwark Tube station. We are also an under 10 mins walk from London Bridge,  SouthbankBorough and Elephant &Castle stations. Our dental practice in London Marble Arch W2 is adjacent to London Paddington, Maida Vale, Edgware Road, Oxford Circus & the West End.