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Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening

Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment is a popular teeth whitening system used by millions of people worldwide. Philips Zoom teeth whitening kits are a convenient and safe way to get your teeth noticeably whiter in 1 to 2 weeks. The whitening treatment provides professional, affordable teeth whitening results with little to no sensitivity.

Philips Zoom whitening is offered to patients in two predominant ways – in-surgery instant laser (LED) teeth whitening and home teeth whitening. Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed is the instant in-surgery teeth whitening system, taking a little over 60 minutes to complete. You will leave the surgery with an instantly brighter and whiter smile. Philips Zoom NightWhite and DayWhite are two home teeth whitening systems from Philips. NiteWhite enables patients to whiten their teeth overnight while they sleep and is therefore ideal for patients who prefer to wear teeth whitening trays at night. NiteWhite provides good teeth whitening results in two weeks’ time. DayWhite is preferred by patients who want to wear whitening trays during the day for a short duration of time. Teeth whitening trays need to be worn for 30 to 90 minutes a day, with good teeth whitening results also visible in two weeks’ time.

Philips Zoom Home Whitening Costs

Philips Zoom - Home Whitening £235-£350
Philips Zoom - Instant In-surgery (LED) Whitening £425
Teeth Whitening Costscosts of teeth whitening options

Zoom Instant Laser (LED) Whitening

Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed is the instant In-surgery teeth whitening treatment from Philips; it provides dramatic teeth whitening results in a little over an hour – almost instantaneously. Your teeth can be whitened up to 6 shades lighter in about 60 minutes. The Zoom Instant teeth whitening system will help reverse stains caused by food and wine and other discoloration such as that caused by some medications. You will leave the surgery with instantly brighter and whiter teeth.

Zoom Instant In-surgery teeth whitening (mistakenly called ‘laser teeth whitening’) is preferred by patients who want to have their teeth whitened at the dentist and achieve whitening results for their teeth instantly. The treatment is carried out in the surgery under an LED light from Philips; the LED light acts as a catalyst to activates whitening agents in the zoom whitening gel that the dentist will apply to your teeth, accelerating the teeth whitening process to a little over 60 minutes.

Patients who have teeth shade A2 or less (stained teeth) typically show the most improvement with the Zoom instant in-surgery teeth whitening treatment. Patients who have their starting shades higher than A1 (whiter teeth) will also show improvement to their teeth shade; however, teeth whitening results are not as dramatic given their starting teeth shade was closer to white to begin.

At the start of the teeth whitening process, our dentist will note your starting shade to help compare the improvement in teeth shade after treatment is completed. Following that, the dentist will –

  1. Prepare your gums and teeth for teeth whitening and apply a layer of zoom whitening gel to your teeth.
  2. The dentist will then use the Philips Zoom LED teeth whitening lamp to speed up the teeth whitening process. The LED light is applied to your teeth to enable the LED light to act as a catalyst for initiating whitening compounds in the Zoom gel, thus significantly accelerates the teeth whitening process.
  3. This process is repeated four times to whiten the teeth to the maximum extent possible.
  4. When the desired teeth shade is obtained, the dentist will then apply a protective post-treatment gel to the teeth enamel to help reduce sensitivity to your teeth.

On completion of the in-surgery teeth whitening treatment, we will provide you with customised teeth whitening trays and also a home teeth whitening kit with whitening gels to take home. The home teeth whitening kit allows you to top-up the treatment at home when it’s desirable. For more information on ‘How to maintain white teeth‘ we can discuss this with you in-clinic or you may find the resources within this site of interest.

Philips Zoom Laser Whitening Reviews

Google 5 Star Reviews Emergency Dentist Waterloo | Whites Dental

At Whites Dental, we try very hard to exceed the expectations of each and every patient, providing you with an exceptional dental experience. To discover more about what our patients think about this effective whitening product – take a look at the reviews.

Philips Zoom is popular in both the philips zoom take home whitening and the Instant LED laser whitening provided in our London clinics.

Instant Philips Teeth WhiteningTeeth WhiteningEffective Teeth WhiteningWhitening, Bonding and Invisalign Treatment
The teeth whitening treatment I received at Whites Dental was very effective and the results were simply amazing. I highly recommend this practice for anyone looking for top-quality dental services.
Instant Philips Teeth Whitening
In-clinic Teeth whitening
I had an absolutely amazing experience with Dr. Deepa and her team. I had teeth whitening and composite bonding treatments and my teeth look better than ever! I can warmly recommend Whites Dental
Teeth Whitening
London Clinic Instant Whitening
Amazing experience with Whites Dental. I did laser teeth whitening and my teeth look amazing! The staff is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them!
Effective Teeth Whitening
Amazing Results
I had my invisalign treatment carried out by Dr Elliott. The process was clear and went smoothly. Dr Elliott would promptly respond and give advice throughout. The invisalign treatment also included whitening to which many of my friends complemented the whiteness of my teeth! I also had bonding work on my front two teeth as they were chipped. Dr Elliott was meticulous through this procedure such that they look natural All in all, the results speak for themselves. I am extremely happy with how straight and white my teeth are now. Couldn't have asked for a better treatment.
Whitening, Bonding and Invisalign Treatment
London Dental Clinic
Professional Whitening – Philips Zoom

Central London Whitening

Whites Dental provides Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening treatments including Philips Zoom Instant Laser (LED) Teeth Whitening and Philips Zoom Home Whitening treatments to patients near us in Central London.

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