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Clear Orthodontic Aligners can straighten teeth without the wires and brackets associated with traditional braces. The aligners consist of a sequence of clear, removable trays that fit over the teeth in order to straighten them. Invisalign is the leading provider of clear aligner teeth straightening systems. Invisalign helps you have beautiful straight teeth using a series of custom moulded clear aligners. By using a series of clear, removable aligners, Invisalign straightens your teeth in a comfortable and convenient manner. By changing aligners every few weeks, your teeth will move ever so slightly, week after week, till they have moved to the final position our dentist has prescribed. Having clear removable aligners enables you to eat, drink and brush as usual – without being noticeable as you are out and about.

At Whites Dental, we offer three types of Invisalign treatments – Invisalign i7 treatment, Invisalign Lite and the full Invisalign treatment. We also offer Fast Braces.

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are one way of replacing missing teeth. The procedure includes planting a post in the jaw bone to support a replacement artificial tooth. The post acts like the root of a natural tooth. Implants are often also used to support fixed bridges or dentures.

Implant treatment normally has two stages. In the first stage, the implant is placed in the jaw. Once the jaw has healed, replacement teeth are attached to the implant as part of the second stage.

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