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Finding the right Cosmetic Dentistry in London

Introduction to the Zoom Treatments

Teeth Whitening is a very popular cosmetic dentistry procedure used by millions of patients across the globe to whiten and brighten their teeth. The procedure involves applying a safe to use whitening gel to the teeth in custom made whitening trays; the whitening gel then whitens the colour of the teeth over a duration of time. The whitening gel contains chemical agents that need to be applied under the overall supervision of a cosmetic dentist; this helps to ensure you obtain good teeth whitening results without many of the associated issues such as teeth sensitivity etc. Teeth whitening comes in two forms – home teeth whitening and instant in-surgery teeth whitening. Home teeth whitening, as the name suggests, involves applying the whitening gel at home, using custom made whitening trays that the cosmetic dentist will provide to you. The procedure typically takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete to provide excellent whitening results. In-surgery instant teeth whitening involves whitening your teeth at the dental surgery, under the direct supervision of the cosmetic dentist. Because the procedure is supervised by the cosmetic dentist, the formulation of the whitening gel used for whitening is stronger, providing instantly brighter teeth. Some systems use a laser (LED) light to accelerate the whitening process. In this article, we provide patients more information on how long zoom teeth whitening lasts, especially if the whitening procedure is carried out by an experienced cosmetic dentist in the London.

At Whites Dental, we provide teeth whitening using the two most popular whitening systems – Zoom Teeth Whitening and Enlighten Whitening. Zoom whitening comes in two forms – Zoom Home Whitening and Zoom Instant Laser Whitening. Zoom Home Whitening takes about 2 weeks to complete and is undertaken at home. Zoom Instant Laser Whitening is carried out at the dental surgery, takes a little over an hour and produces instant whitening results. Enlighten Whitening is a premium teeth whitening system, proving brilliant white results, time after time. It’s priced at the upper end of the market and also comes in home whitening and in surgery whitening forms.

Why is Zoom teeth whitening popular?

Zoom Whitening is a very popular teeth whitening system. It consistently produces long lasting whitening results for our patients. The whitening gel includes a safe-to-use bleaching agent that whitens the teeth. Any strains that may have developed on the teeth (e.g. stains due to smoking, wines etc.) are bleached over. The results are long lasting and often last years. However, the length of time that your teeth will remain bright is vastly dependent on your lifestyle and how well you look after your teeth. Your teeth will stay white for a long time if you follow these simple guidelines and for more information on maintaining white teeth you may find the other resources on our site, also of interest.

  • Avoid consuming teeth staining drinks – these include tea, coffee, red wine and coca cola. This will help prolong the effects of Zoom whitening. If you sometimes consume a staining drink, try to keep a close eye on the amount you consume; also try to use a straw where you can. A straw reduces contact of the drink with your teeth.
  • Maintain good dental hygiene – brush and floss your teeth regularly. This will help clear away food debris left over around that can stain your teeth if it were to stay there for too long. Brush your teeth after every meal and every morning and night. Use a whitening toothpaste recommended by a dentist – this will help keep your teeth bright and white. Flossing is strongly recommended to help clear away food debris and prevent staining.
  • Smoking is a major contributor to teeth staining. Reducing or eliminating the cigarette or tobacco smoking will go a long way to give you a long lasting whiter smile.

Finally, use the custom made whitening trays to top up with whitening gel from the cosmetic dentist. Most cosmetic dentists will provide you with top up syringes to help you maintain a whiter smile. These typically cost a lot less than the full treatment.

cosmetic dentist teeth whitening london waterloo | Whites Dental

How much is the zoom treatment?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments, especially teeth whitening treatments such as Zoom Home Teeth Whitening, are no longer as costly as they used to be. As a result of advances in teeth whitening technology, cost of teeth whitening treatment has come down in cost drastically. The costs of teeth whitening depend mostly on two factors. The first factor is the type of teeth whitening you wish to undertake – whether you want to do the teeth whitening at home or at the dentist. Home Teeth Whitening typically costs a lot less than whitening at the dental surgery. The second factor is the teeth whitening system you decide to use. Enlighten Whitening, a premium teeth whitening brand for example, costs a lot more than Zoom teeth whitening. The technology involved in Enlighten teeth whitening is more advanced and the system claims to guarantee whitening results.

At Whites Dental, we have some of the leading cosmetic dentists in London offering the latest teeth whitening systems to our patients. Our cosmetic dentists are very experienced in various teeth whitening systems including Zoom Teeth Whitening and Enlighten Evolution. We have provided our teeth whitening costs in the cost table detailed below.

Whitening Consultation
Identifies issues that might impact whitening treatments
Philips Zoom – Home Teeth Whitening
from £179
Philips Zoom Instant LED Teeth Whitening
from £425
Enlighten – Home £595

Ethically Priced
Our teeth whitening treatments are very ethically priced. That typically results in our prices being very competitive. Also, our teeth whitening treatments follow exact guidelines as suggested by Philips Zoom and Enlighten – we offer the whitening systems in their entirety to our patients.

Dr. Deepa and Dr. Xenia are very experienced cosmetic dentists, with over 20 years of dental experience between the two of them

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At Whites Dental, our leading cosmetic dentists provide the latest teeth whitening treatments, including Zoom Home Whitening, Zoom Instant Laser Teeth Whitening and Enlighten Evolution to our patients near us in Central London, London Bridge and Elephant and Castle. This web page gives our patients details on how long Zoom teeth whitening lasts. We are based in London Waterloo, across the road from Southwark Tube station. We are also very close to London Waterloo rail station.

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