Do braces change your voice?

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Do Braces Change Your Voice | Orthodontics in London Waterloo | Whites Dental

Braces in London Waterloo

Adults in London are increasingly interested in improving their smile by considering orthodontic braces. Regardless of what you might look or sound like for a short period of time with braces on, consider the long-term effect you will have by getting brace. For many of us, our teeth grow in crooked or crowded when our teeth move into new positions as adults. Brace fit over your teeth to gradually pull and push them into an aligned straighter position over time. If you are a singer and considering brace, you may be concerned that they will affect your singing ability. Have a read at this article, to find out how orthodontics affects your singing ability.

Will your voice change?

Orthodontic braces have the potential to affect your singing voice a little bit; more specifically – your diction and resonance. But whether it does or not depends on the shape of your mouth, what is being change and how much your teeth are being moved.

Each orthodontic plan is different for each individual’s needs. So, the treatment for you will most likely be different from that of a friend’s for example. You may only need braces for a brief period of time, or you may need one of a few teeth removed prior to having your braces fitted. Or you may need dental surgery and jaw realignment work done.

Generally, the more work that’s needed, the more likely it is it will affect your voice- but it should be positive!!

Can braces change your singing voice?

Braces on their own will have less of an effect on your singing voice than the rest of the dental work that may be needed to fit them. By altering the cavity space and shape in your mouth, your voice resonates differently. So, a few teeth shifting slightly, won’t make a huge difference. But long-term braces that entirely realign your jaw shape may create a slightly different tone.

Do Braces Change Your Voice | Orthodontics in London Waterloo | Whites Dental

Do braces change your speech?

If your teeth are preventing you from pronouncing some words or letters clearly, then brace can really help. Your dentist will take your speech into account when planning out your treatment plan, as this may be a consideration for getting the braces in the first place. You might need to re-educate your tongue, so you’re moving and using it in the right way when talking.

How do brace affect your speech?

Brace feel a bit weird when you first get them. Some individuals find they get a bit of a lisp when they first get them attached. Once they have settled, you can do additional exercises to improve your diction. You usually have to wear them for a year to 2 years. After this, they will affect your speech by having shifted your teeth. If your teeth were crooked to begin with, this new straightened position makes it easier to move your tongue freely and form the correct placement for vowels and consonants

How do brace change your singing voice?

Brace change your singing voice and tone, by modifying the space in your mouth. When you sing, the sounds resonate around your mouth, up into your hard palate and into the soft palate. If the length, or arch of your hard palate, especially is altered it can change the quality of the sound. However, it doesn’t mean it won’t be as good though.

If treatment is recommended and you are not sure how it will affect your singing, do consult with your dentist or orthodontist. Ask for their guidance, as they should have an idea of how your voice may or may not change afterwards.

You may experience minor changes

Although traditional metal brace do not affect your voice, there are still some modifications you need to make when you first put on the brace. Your mouth, tongue and cheeks will have to get adjusted to the braces that are now taking up space in your mouth. You may find that you have problem articulating for a few days, but you will get used to the brace quickly.

You will most likely have to do some exercises to improve your speaking skills. Once you are able to speak normally at a slow speed, you can try to speed it up a bit and carry on increasing the speed until you reach your normal speaking speed. Singing can actually help you to adjust to your brace as it will make your mouth and cheek muscles stronger. Invisalign is a popular orthodontic brand due to the fact that it is clear and easily removable. Invisalign may affect the fullness of your voice, but the benefit is that you can take them out when you need to play, although it is recommended that you should wear them for at least 22 hours in a day.

Orthodontics can make your voice better

Space between teeth’s can affect your singing and may cause howling and other unpleasant sounds. Brace work as a bridge for these spaces. Straighter teeth help in producing a fuller sound and tone.

Orthodontic braces London | Whites Dental

Although brace require some adaptation, for sure, they will not affect your singing voice. After correcting your teeth, your voice will get even better. Singing is usually affected by the vocal cords, so if the vocal cords are healthy, then you shouldn’t have to worry. You definitely will not have to sacrifice your singing career for brace. You may need to adjust the function of your mouth slightly, but it will happen automatically with time.

The best thing about brace, is that they give you a fabulous smile. Almost all singers have had some form of work done on their teeth! So it’s very safe and a reasonable step to take in looking and sounding great.

If you need more information on how to straighten your teeth with orthodontic brace, our dental team can certainly help. For more information on orthodontic treatment including fixed brace, ceramic brace and Invisalign brace, our brace homepage is listed below –

At Whites Dental, we work with some of the best orthodontic practitioners in London Waterloo. They can help answer your questions around brace – especially whether brace change your voice.