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Six Month Smiles

Straighten Teeth In As Little As 6 Months.

Six Month Smiles is an innovative new orthodontic teeth straightening treatment for adults who want to have straighter teeth in just a few months. It is based on a system of fixed braces, widely believed to be the best way to straighten teeth, but uses tooth-coloured clear materials making them almost undetectable to others. The system moves teeth into better alignment in 6 months’ time on average; it is therefore most suitable for patients who would like to have a straighter smile in a shorter duration of time as compared to traditional orthodontic treatments. New advances in orthodontic treatments enable front set of teeth to be straightened in a relatively shorter period of time.

Six Month Smiles works in a similar manner to traditional orthodontic braces with a system of brackets bonded to the teeth and wires that are placed on the brackets, adjusted by the dentist to align teeth over time. Six Month Smiles however uses clear tooth-coloured brackets and wires, making the system very discreet. In addition, Six Month Smiles are significantly easier for the dentist to fit as compared to traditional braces. An impression of your teeth is sent to the Six Month Smiles laboratory, where custom trays are made specific to your teeth; these custom trays assist the dentist in placing the new braces on your teeth. The whole process is much quicker and cheaper than traditional orthodontic braces as a result.

Six Month Smiles vs Traditional Orthodontic Fixed Braces

Traditional fix brace treatments can address complex orthodontic conditions very effectively, however they take a long time to complete, with many orthodontic treatments taking up to 2 years to finish. On the other hand, Six Month Smiles braces are designed to improve the appearance of the teeth, successfully correcting cosmetic issues like alignment and anterior spacing in a significantly shorter duration of time. Average treatment time with Six Month Smiles is typically around 6 months.

The braces used in both Six month smiles and traditional orthodontic fixed braces have to be bonded to the front face of the teeth. Arch wires are then attached to the braces to straighten the teeth. However, that’s where the similarities end. Six Month Smiles use a bespoke method to fix braces to the patient’s teeth through the use of teeth impressions, enabling greater comfort to the patient and better precision and time-saving for applying the braces. The orthodontist takes an impression of the teeth at the first appointment, which is then sent to the laboratory from which custom-made trays are manufactured. These trays are used by the orthodontist to effectively position the clear brackets on the teeth for bonding. The teeth coloured braces, wires and ties used in the treatment help to camouflage the straighteners, providing an aesthetically pleasing visual appearance during the course of the treatment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Six Month Smiles – is it comfortable?

Six Month Smiles braces use gentle force to move your teeth. They means you can expect to experience minimal discomfort over the course of the treatment.

How frequently will I need to see the orthodontist?

A patient will generally need to see the orthodontist once a month for adjustments, while the Six Month Smiles braces gently align the teeth.

Will 6 Month Smile braces affect my speech?

Patients using 6 Month Smiles braces usually take only a few days to get used to wearing them. Once you are used to the new braces and the gentle shifting of the teeth position, your speech will feel unaltered.

How can I clean my teeth while wearing Six Month Smiles braces?

Maintaining good oral hygiene while undergoing orthodontic treatment is very important. Six Month Smile treatment is no different. Your brushing technique may need to change slightly to cater for the braces on your teeth. Start with rinsing the mouth with water to dislodge food particles. Then brush at a 45 degree angle on the gum line. Now brush the teeth with the bristles angled downwards and brush on top of each brace. Reposition the brush bristles in order to reach the underside of the braces and wire. Interdental brushes should also be used to reach spaces between the teeth that are difficult to clean with traditional brushes.

How long does 6 Month Smiles treatment take?

Orthodontic treatment using 6 month smiles usually takes approx. six months on average. However, each treatment plan is different and the actual duration will depend on your specific circumstances.

Why are Six Month Smiles quicker than traditional orthodontic braces?

Six Month Smiles is designed specifically for patients who wish to straighten the teeth that show when they smile. The emphasis of the treatment is on the cosmetic appearance of the teeth instead of the position of the bite or teeth at the back of the mouth.

Will I need to wear retainers on completion of 6 month smiles?

It is necessary to wear a retained after all orthodontic treatments, including 6 month smiles, in order to prevent the teeth from moving back to their starting positions. Retainers can be removable or permanent. Permanent retainers are bonder to the back of the teeth, removing the hassle of having to carry around removable retainers. The orthodontist will be able to advise what retainer is right for you.

Whites Dental provides Six Month Smiles Teeth Straightening Treatments to patients in Central London in London Waterloo and London Bridge. Our orthodontic treatments include fixed braces, removable braces, Damon braces, Fast Smiles and Invisalign. We are based in London Waterloo SE1, next to Southwark Tube station. We are also a 10 minutes’ walk from Elephant and Castle, Southbank, London Bridge and Borough station.

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