How Long Do Braces Take To Work?

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How Long Do Braces Take To Work?

“How long do fixed orthodontic braces take to work?”- this question has no set answer although it is often asked by lots of adults in London. The shift in your teeth’s position is gradual and will be different for every person wearing braces.  Our orthodontic dentists at Whites Dental would be delighted to help you create beautiful straight teeth and answer any questions you have regarding orthodontic braces. We provide a range of braces treatments near Elephant and Castle and London Bridgeincluding Damon Fast braces, Ceramic brace, Invisalign braces, clear brace and also hidden lingual braces. We are located in London Waterloo, adjacent to Southwark Station or a quick walk from Waterloo rail station (about 5min).

Will Braces Be Uncomfortable?

It is normal to be concerned about the comfort of braces. At the beginning, you may experience some discomfort since brace apply gentle, even pressure on the teeth. This can lead to a dull aching sensation. Your dentist will advise that you only eat soft foods at the start and take over the counter painkillers if the discomfort continues.

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It can take a week or two to get used to the feeling of the brackets and wires in your mouth, but after that, it should not regularly feel uncomfortable or unpleasant. The amount of discomfort varies from patient to patient, but it is not unbearable or excessive.

Eating with Braces

At the beginning, you will probably want to stick to soft, easy to eat foods like mashed potatoes, smoothies, soups, and oatmeal. Once any discomfort goes away, you can continue eating most of your normal foods. The shape of brace usually prevents you from biting down firmly on hard or crunchy food items. You may need to start cutting your food into smaller pieces that can fit into your mouth easily. You will also need to avoid sticky, gooey foods such as caramel or gum because it can be almost impossible to remove them from the brackets and arch wire. You do not want food to remain stuck in your braces because it can create areas for oral bacteria to grow and cause cavities.

Cleaning Your Teeth with Braces

It might be a little tricky to clean your teeth with braces on, but it is definitely important if not more important than before to practice good oral hygiene. If you do not maintain good oral hygiene, plaque can build up and harden around the brackets. If you do not regularly clean your teeth, you can end up with lighter stains where the brackets were when the brace are removed. Bad hygiene can also lead to cavities which will cause problems. To avoid getting all these issues, make sure you are cleaning your teeth thoroughly. Try to brush your teeth after every meal to remove any food particles that can get stuck under the wires. You should brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste. Keep in mind that brace tend to wear down toothbrush bristles quicker than normal, so you will probably need to replace it more than every three months. Do not forget flossing! Flossing is very important especially when you are wearing brace. It will be harder to floss with braces on but instead of traditional floss, try to get a flossing threader designed for patients with brace.

How Long do Braces Take to Work?

Results will vary patient to patient and depend on many factors such as bone density, misalignment severity, and even the age of the patient. However, you will usually start to notice changes within four to six weeks. Within a few months, your friends and family will also start to notice that your brace are beginning to be effective. Each time you get your brace tightened or switch to a new Invisalign tray, your teeth will be slightly straighter. It can take a few years for the braces process to be completed, depending on how crooked your teeth were at the beginning but you will enjoy straighter and straighter teeth as time goes by.

What Happens When My Braces Come Off?

Some patients are disappointed after their brace are removed because they still have to wear some sort of orthodontic equipment- retainers. However, you will be happy to know that retainers are a lot more convenient than braces. What is a retainer? A retainer is a device used by dentists to help keep teeth in their new position while the jawbone gets used to the new position after most orthodontic treatment. They will prevent your teeth from getting crooked or going back to their original position after all of your hard work. Your orthodontist may fix you with a permanent retainer that is fitted to the inside of your teeth, however removable ones are far more common. A removable retainer can be removed while eating, and you will not need to wear it constantly.

While you have braces, you might experience slight discomfort and inconvenience, but most patients quickly get used to managing their braces. Overall, the advantages of having brace definitely outweigh the few minor setbacks. When brace are removed, you will be left with a straight smile! Not only will it look more aesthetically appealing, but well-aligned teeth also make it easier for you to speak and chew properly. As long as you wear your retainer for the recommended amount of time, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of brace for years to come

Orthodontic braces & Invisalign in London Waterloo

If you are considering brace and would like to know how long you can expect treatment to last, book a free consultation with us, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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