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Emergency Dentist In London

Emergency Dentist

Although we all try to be careful going about our lives, a dental emergency can sometimes happen to anyone. When a dental emergency occurs, it is certainly not pleasant and is often painful and causes stress. At times like these, it is often vital to contact your emergency dentist near you in London as quickly as you can. During the emergency appointment, the dentist will be able to conduct a full assessment of your issue in order to help minimize damage (whether that be permanent or temporary) to your teeth, gum tissue and oral bone structure. Dental treatment taken in time can help you to relieve pain and can prevent more serious dental issues.
At Whites Dental, we provide an emergency dentist service to all patients who are near us in Central London. We can provide emergency appointments within the dental surgery during opening hours. We can also provide emergency dentist appointments on Saturdays as well. The emergency dentist service is available not only to registered patients, but to non-registered patients as well. We are typically able to provide same day emergency appointments, especially if you need dental attention as a matter of urgency. If this is indeed the case, wherein you need urgent dental care, we request you contact us as early in the day as possible, preferably before 10am. Please see below some of the common dental emergencies our dentists treat regularly –
⦁ Broken tooth
⦁ Lost tooth
⦁ Toothache
⦁ Wisdom tooth
⦁ Broken crowns and bridges
⦁ Broken veneers
⦁ Dental abscess
⦁ Broken denture
⦁ Painful gum disease
⦁ Dental trauma

Often patients who have suffered a dental injury or trauma or who are experiencing a toothache or have some type of dental pain take over-the-counter medication / painkillers that are available at a pharmacy such as Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. It important to bear in mind however that if your tooth pain or toothache is as a result of an underlying issue, you are best advised to make an emergency appointment with a dentist as soon as you can in order to fix the underlying problem

Dental Emergency – What To Do

A dental emergency can be frightening and also stressful, especially so if you are in pain. At times like these it is important to stay calm and to act quickly in order to help achieve the best possible outcome. Many dental surgeries in Central London provide an emergency dentist service to patients, including providing same day emergency appointments. We advise all patients to see an emergency dentist as quickly as possible if you have experienced a dental emergency. Once you have been able to book an emergency appointment with a dentist near you, the dentist will be able to assess your case, first helping to relieve your pain and then advice how to fix the underlying problem. It’s very important that you address the underlying dental issue that the emergency dentist advises, as many issues if left untreated can cause larger issues in future.

Dental Care – Invest For The Long Term

After seeing the emergency dentist, your dentist will have helped relieve you from pain. However, its vitally important to understand why your dental emergency occurred to start with. Often dental emergencies can be as a result of an accident that you have experienced – e.g. a minor fall or accident that has caused trauma to your teeth or oral tissue. However, there are other dental emergencies that can happen as a result of underlying dental problems that could have been fostering from before – such as a tooth decay that you have had for a while that’s now reached the tooth nerve, causing a dental abscess and therefore intense pain. For problems such as these, it’s vitally important to address the underlying root problem on why the dental emergency occurred to start with. It is very common to have patients come to us for a dental emergency complaining of a mild or severe toothache, who have an underlying tooth decay for a while and they have been unaware of its existence and therefore haven’t had a change to address it in time. In order to prevent issues such as this, we advise everyone to make regular appointments with their dentist for dental check-ups, wherein their dentist will assess the overall health of the teeth and gums. If the dentist finds any underlying dental issue like tooth decay or gum disease, they will advise you of its existence, enabling you to fix the problem before it gets worse and manifests itself as a dental emergency. It is important to treat the underlying dental problem to maintain your oral health and prevent future issues from arising

Same Day Emergency Dentist Appointments

At Whites Dental, some of London’s leading dentists work with us. They are very experienced and fully committed to providing all our patients a friendly, warm, welcoming and caring experience. A dental emergency is not pleasant at the best of times, however our dentists make a huge effort to ensure your experience is as gentle and painless as possible. Our emergency dentists can usually provide same day appointments at the surgery. We often keep 2 to 3 appointments every day just for dental emergencies. If you have recently experienced a dental emergency, please call our friendly receptionist, who will quickly book you for an emergency appointment.

How Much Does An Emergency Dentist Cost

Our emergency dentist cost is very affordable. We no longer operate in times when seeing an emergency dentist would cost a huge amount. Please see below for a list of our emergency dentist costs in our cost table. Our emergency dentist costs are very competitive and designed to enable patients to access an emergency dentist in a cost effective manner.

Emergency Appointments
Target consultation to deal with a single issue! Treatment fee extra
White Filling
Price varies by size and complexity of filling
£90 to £160
Price is per tooth and depends on tooth and complexity
from £110
Price is per tooth depends on tooth and complexity
from £200
Chip Repairs from £100
Temporary Dressing £50

Ethically Priced
Our emergency dentist treatment are very ethically priced.That typically result in our prices being very competitive

Dr.Deepa and Dr. Xenia are very experienced dentists, with over 20 years of dental experience between the two of them.

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Whites Dental provides an Emergency Dentist service to people near us in Central London, London Bridge, Waterloo, Elephant and Castle, Southwark and London Blackfriars. This web page provides details on costs associated with our emergency dentist service. We are located in London Waterloo SE1, right around the corner from Waterloo rail station and across the street from Southwark Tube.

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