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Dental Hygienist Near Me in Waterloo, Southbank & London Bridge

Whites Dental, a private dental practice in Waterloo SE1, provides a range of dental & hygiene services. We are adjacent to Southwark Tube station and are a 5-10mins walk from Waterloo, London Bridge, Borough, Southbank and Blackfriars.

Hygiene Clean – Standard (c.30 mins scale and polish dental hygiene session) £85
Hygienist Clean – Platinum (c.60 mins scale and polish, localised stain removal and deep clean) £135
Exam & Hygiene Package (c. 40 mins dental exam and c.20 mins hygiene clean. Upto 2 X-rays included) £99
Zoom Home Teeth Whitening from £179
Zoom Instant LED Teeth Whitening (InSurgery) £425

We can typically provide same day hygienist appointments – please call or email us to book an appointment.

Dental Hygiene Clean

Dental hygiene clean is our most popular treatment. Maintaining good oral hygiene is the basis for good dental health, helping prevent gum disease and decay. Both gum disease and decay can eventually lead to tooth loss. Getting your teeth cleaned professionally by a dental hygienist has a significant positive impact towards maintaining good oral health. The hygienist will help achieve this by a process called scale & polish. Scale & polish removes build-up of plaque or tartar above and below the gums, using manual and ultrasonic instruments. The process also helps to remove various types of staining from your teeth. Our blog articles on Dental Hygiene explains the benefits in more detail.

At Whites Dental, we provide two hygiene treatments. Our Standard hygiene clean provides a30 mins scale and polish – it’s designed for patients who regularly visit a hygienist and typically have a good state of oral hygiene. Our Platinum hygiene clean provides a deeper clean, over a longer duration. It lasts for 60 mins and includes a scale and polish, along with localised stain removal. It’s designed for patients who have not visited a hygienist for a while and have moderate levels of tartar / plaque build-up. The session is also designed for patients who have localised staining – usually associated with tobacco use, coffee / wine drinking etc.

Teeth Whitening

Dental hygiene clean also benefits patients looking to get their teeth whitened. Teeth Whitening systems typically perform better when the patient’s teeth are most receptive to the teeth whitening process. A thorough clean of the teeth and gums aids in preparing teeth for teeth whitening. At Whites Dental, we offer both Home Whitening and InSurgery Whitening – please visit our Teeth Whitening section for more details.

Whites Dental provides Dental Hygienist near me service to patients within our vicinity. We are conveniently located in Waterloo SE1, adjacent to Southwark Tube station. We are an under 10mins walk from Waterloo, London Bridge, Southbank, Borough and Southbank. Please visit our homepage at for more details about our dental hygienist near me service. Our experienced dentists and hygienist will endeavor to assist as best we can.